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The runner’s high is one of the more addictive natural highs, comparable only to that of a sweaty I.AM.YOU. class.  But running is tough on the body – the muscles, bones, ligaments, organs, cartilage - all of it - and requires a very specific type of yoga training.

I.AM.YOU. Runners Privates act on both counts.  They help you repair the wear and tear, maintain healthy ligaments and tendons, and construct longer, more supple and healthier muscles. They also help you prepare for your next run, or your next race, creating stamina, strength, endurance and flexibility.  

With its one-of-a-kind approach to running and the Runners’ body, I.AM.YOU. has helped 100% of its racers reach their personal bests, at each event, injury-free.

I.AM.YOU. privates for runners are designed to help YOU be the best runner you can be –in the sneaks or on the streets. 
Restorative, preparatory, and maintenance Privates for all levels of Runners and aspiring runners are available.  



Photo: Walt Lindveld

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