I AM You Studio


Yes, you want to look great for the wedding, but you also want to look great after the wedding.  I.AM.YOU. Privates for Brides can help you achieve your ideal self for the big day, while also creating a sustainable plan for the future, so that the pictures can be a living reality.

Privates for Brides are tailored to the body you want to have on your big day and after.  Toned arms, long legs, flat stomach, radiance inside and out - you name it.  The time is spent targeting your desired areas and honing in on your goal, so when you see pictures there will be nothing to do but smile.   

One-on-one privates for Brides (and Grooms) are available, as well as group privates for bridesmaids and bachelorette events. 


Photo: Walt Lindveld

Email info@iamyoustudio.com for further details and visit the SHOP page for pricing and packages.

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