I AM You Studio


I.AM.YOU. privates are designed and tailored entirely for YOU in every sense. Time, place, and length; athletic rigor and sports enhancement; weight loss, injury or illness recovery; meditation and relaxation. You name the need or craving, and I.AM.YOU. transports you there. I.AM.YOU. also knows that you change every day, so what you look for in one private session one day may be entirely different from the next.

Privates are held either at the Studio, or at your office or home, before, after, or during your workday. Privates sessions are arranged for 1-on-1, a couple, or a small group. All ages and experience levels welcome.

With a more intimate and specified experience, let I.AM.YOU. guide you to the YOU you want, at any moment of any day. Pamper and push yourself, inspire and indulge yourself, meditate and move yourself; YOU and I.AM.YOU. PRIVATES.

Email info@IAMYOUstudio.com for pricing and reservations.


Photo: Walt Lindveld

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