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    Starting the week off strong w/ some #RETOX nourishment for body mind & life. 🤓🌮👊🏻So pumped to head to CALI & MEXICO 🇲🇽 this week too! @wanderlust_mexico #detoxretox #laurenimparato #nyc #yoga #mexico #wsj #detoxtoretox #mindfulness (at La Esquina)

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    I could not be more excited to formally launch EXTRAORDINARY:  Ordinary Habits of Extraordinary People, an interview series featuring successful go-getters from all industries across the globe.  We get up close and personal I.AM.YOU. style on what makes them tick, how they view Detox to Retox™, and what they believe is the secret sauce to their extraordinary success.  We kick off this monthly series with a fellow Princeton alum, Brian Spaly.  After a stint in finance and starting to sew his own pants at Stanford Business School, Brian co-founded Bonobos in 2007.  Two years later he became CEO of TrunkClub, which Nordstrom bought last year for a sweet $350 million.  Throughout all this, Brian has maintained his charm, health, and balance, truly defining Detox to Retox™, and I.AM.YOU.ers everywhere.  We get down and dirty in our talk, as he shares his secrets to wellness, entrepreneurship, and generally kicking ass.  Head on over and take a read….Inspired to eat spinach, stand on my head, and work hard til happy hour,L

    Tell us a bit about yourself, ESPN highlights style.

    I studied Economics at Princeton, worked in consulting and Finance in San Francisco, then went to Stanford for my MBA, which was probably the career step most directly correlated with my career.  I was surrounded by entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and older kids who could show me the way.  That said, I sort of stumbled into being an entrepreneur.

    How’s that?

    I started sewing my own pants at 29, but hobbies are rarely a good business.  There is small chance that if you love yoga you will be a good yoga teacher, you know?  Wide career lanes are necessary.  But I had an idea and saw something in the world I thought I could fix.  Turns out I could fix it.

    What does Detox to Retox mean to you?

    Detox to Retox™? It is basically my anthem.  It is how to successfully enjoy life and then have a routine to put yourself back into life.  I want to indulge and dance and party, and I will.  It is about working hard til happy hour, then repeat.  That’s healthy.

    The stress and work levels must be insane, especially with so much on the line.  What’s your Mindset plan to keep your head in the game?

    Alcohol is an easy lubricant for the friction.  Usually wine or beer.  We have a bar at Trunk Club, and I encourage teammates to talk over a drink.  We have an adult beverage culture that is for the most part healthy.   Diet is plays a huge role in my game, too.

    Tell us about that.

    I am vegan and breakfast and lunch  than have whatever I want at dinner.  Akin to a 24 fast of un-vegan-ness before I eat meats.  I feel like that helps to give my body the right stuff all day long.  But for me the hardest time to follow rules is dinner.  I have salads for lunch, carbs for energy, and dinner anything goes.  Cheeseburger and fries are my favorite I love fried potatoes.  Sometimes popcorn and beer after hockey.  I realized my bad skin was due to dairy, so I shifted it out.

    Does your feeling of wellness correlate with your success?

    Totally.  Wellness is the fabric of my routine.  Having healthy habits lets you work hard and be successful  they let you work in and work around binging [on work or fun] and celebrating.   I think about it but try  to not be obsessive about it.  Squeeze it out without being neurotic, or else you feel crazy about everything, and then good at nothing.

    How do you maintain your YOU given the demands of your career?

    Like with my eating, I make certain rules for myself. In December 2009 I started with Trunk Club, and in 2011-2012 I completed an IronMan.  It was the first time I did it while trying to run a company, and it was hard but so worthwhile.  The training kept me fit and focused on eating right and not staying out late.  I was competing against people whose jobs is to train, so I had to be smart about it.  I decided to not ride inside and make every part of my training fun – meaning outside if it is nice, no matter the day.  I pushed hard on all fronts.

    You travel a ton now – how do you look so vibrant given all the miles?

    You can actually get fresh veggies in every airport in America now.  There is also usually steamed chicken, veggies or something similar.  People just use travel and stress as an excuse to eat badly, when it should actually be an impetus to eat better.

    Everyone is always trying to eat “better.”  What do you think of all the food trends, kale, no sugar, no dairy, gluten free etc?

    Being obnoxious and anti-XYZ is tedious.  Yuppies are always going to do another thing that is annoying and tedious.

    How do you know if you are doing the right thing in life?

    My passion turned into a business.  And I work hard.  I did not always know it would work, but if you love it then you are in the right industry.   I am passionate about building things, which is a great reason to be an entrepreneur.  It may just take a while to get enough exposure to life and the various career opportunities to realizes it is viable.

    What do you have to say to an aspiring entrepreneur?

    Choose pursuits in which you can fail fast and cheaply in.  Start by making a list of ten things that bother you in the world and every now and then analyze if you can make a business to solve them.  The odds are not very good, so you need to be willing to put in more work and work harder, and acknowledge the odds.  The peaks are high and the valleys are low.

    What are your personal secrets to success?

    Cold showers, always cold showers as they revitalize and detox.  I also stand on my head for a fair amount of time every day.  It believe just does something even though I am not into yoga.  In terms of food, I eat a bag of spinach every morning, or at least every day if the morning is not possible.  Above all, experimenting with myself.  Knowledge is power.

    D2R (Detox to Retox) Hodge Podge.

    Favorite Food: Broccoli. And spinach (finally someone like me!)

    Favorite Place: Chicago

    Favorite Activity: Sailing

    Favorite Cocktail:  Unsweetened soy milk, vodka, vanilla, cinnamon

    Favorite Saying: Whatever happens and comes your way – take it.

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