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    🤓YEAR 6🤓🇬🇧LONDON🇬🇧The week after our honeymoon (yes! We finally got married!) my husband&rsquos work shipped us to London. I was panicked- not only had I lived there when I worked for Morgan Stanley & HATED It, but I had just signed my 1st BOOK DEAL with Penguin, and I had no idea how the whole Atlantic Ocean thing was going to play out. But, London was AMAZING and I got to write my book here, in my 1st official writing office in Notting Hill. My parents sent me my old globe, my husband got me the Cali 🏄🏽, & I meticulously picked out a desk that I felt would inspire me. The flowers were gifts from students, all of which are in the NYC studio now. I loved this office. It was mine, and now through my book, RETOX, partly yours. Pick up a copy in any of the languages if you haven&rsquot already - link in profile. And thank you to LIFE for ripping me out of my comfort zone & chucking me across the Ocean to REDEFINE & RECONSTRUCT my perceptions of myself, London, and my business in a whole new way. 🇬🇧 (at Notting Hill)

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