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    Feeling pain or struggle in order to create something for someone or something - i.e. your family, your loved ones, your vision of society, your well being - is sacred. It&rsquos sacrifice. There&rsquos a movement lately that encourages not really working hard or sacrificing for a goal. The thing is, sacrifice comes from the Latin roots sacre, which means sacred, and facere, or to do or to make. Don&rsquot run away from that uncomfortable feeling - know you are creating something bigger and greater with it. #RETOX #IAMYOU .
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    Those of you that follow me on instagram saw the doom of boxes that I had to deal with this week.  Quite frankly, I would have rather done anything than unpack a hundred boxes into a space not ready for it, in the middle of this exciting whirlwind of the RETOX book launch aka #RETOXrevolution.

    I suppose I could have done some of the work and left most for other days – it is what my body definitely wanted to do.  Well, that, take a yoga class, sit at a bar, binge on Netflix, or even catch up on the thousands of emails… but instead I decided not only to work hard, but work harder.  Why? I wanted to surprise my husband and make him happy.

    So in a collasal feat of coffee and insanity I did it – all, and al before teaching the evening class.  And you know what? Hard work ALWAYS pays off. It just does.

    Sometimes we don’t see the results for days, even years, and others the results are instantaneous.  But giving something your all, especially for someone else the RETOX way, always makes you, and the world better.

    In today’s insta gratification society where mediocrity tends to prevail, decide to be the superstar and add a little bit extra of hard work for the short and long haul. You will feel so great inside out.   Like that, with me and the entire RETOX team, we can make life even better than it already is.  Trust me.




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    Try this to get you through the work day and work week the #iamyou #retox way.

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    Roll With the Punches

    All too often I find that today’s yoga pretends everything is ok.  It feigns peace and relaxation, opting to “let go” rather than “go for it.”
    I, for one, am all about going for it all, head on.  The thing is, if you do so, chances are you are going to get banged up every now and then. That’s ok.
    Yoga, especially of the I.AM.YOU. ilk, is meant to teach you to roll with the punches, physically and mentally.  The classes are hard with a purpose.  The music load with a goal.  The dedication and focus specific with an ambition.
    The objective of all of I.AM.YOU. is to teach to roll with the punches on the mat, so when you get onto the sidewalks, into the boardroom, or into the kitchen with a wailing kid, you know that you can, and will survive.
    The punches are the seeds to your success.  So roll with them today.



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    You want the afternoon coffee? Have it. I do. Just pair it with a glass of water, opt for decaf or ½ real ½ not, & add a dollop of milk rather than a gallon and you are all good.

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