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    This is the circle in which I operate. Within it lies the core of who I am, my ethics, values, integrity and what I believe in. And around it, keeping it together like a coral is a ring of truth and knowledge, bliss and wisdom, or as the ancient saying goes in yoga, Satya Jnamam Anandam Brahma. As you go through your day today, consider whether or not you are moving from your core, and if you aren&rsquot, if you can use this combination of truth and wisdom, knowledge and bliss to take you back there, back to the center of you you truly are and who you would like to become. #RETOX (at I.AM.YOU. Studio)

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    Have you ever felt like Mel Brooks in Spaceballs? I have. Not long ago I was commuting between London & NYC, locked out of my London apartment, putting out fires on two continents, fixing issues my publishing house created, jet lagged, over coffee-ed, under slept and &lsquoludicrously&rsquo stressed when I broke down on my friend&rsquos shoulder crying. &ldquoLauren,&rdquo he said. I looked up, last night&rsquos pre red-eye mascara streaming down my face, hoping for some words of inspiration, or at the very least a stiff drink, when he continued, &ldquoYour jeans are on backwards.&rdquo Yes, he was in fact correct - my jeans were on backwards. How I managed to do that, I do not know, but it did hit me that I had a massive Mental STD, or Stressfully Transmitted Disease, as I discussed with Dr. Oz. Stress and Anxiety put our adrenal glands into 'ludicrous speed,&rsquo as they say in Spaceballs, producing and releasing adrenaline and cortisol, and can ultimately create adrenal fatigue, something I know far too well. A healthy adrenal system is critical to a strong immune system, hence our focus on it in Week 2 of our #RETOX IMMUNE BOOST. 👊hhtp://eepurl.com/cD0JCP 👊🏻Take a look at my tips for managing adrenal fatigue in our mailing list and in my book, and let&rsquos cure our Mental STDs together. xx, Lauren

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    It’s In Me.

    It&rsquos in me.
    It&rsquos in me to succeed.
    To be happy. To be strong. To be loved.
    It&rsquos in me to face fear.
    To win. To lose. To be he. To be she.
    It&rsquos in me to heal.
    To be healed.
    It&rsquos in me to be vulnerable.
    To be brave. To be timid. To be fierce.
    It&rsquos in me.
    It&rsquos in me to be me be me because I am me. 
    It&rsquos in me. I am me. I love me. 

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    &lsquoA Kiss With a Fist is Better than none.&rsquo #RETOX #RETOXselflove http://eepurl.com/cyYsMH

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    #RETOX #RETOXselflove - join us on the journey here: eepurl.com/cyYsMH

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