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    RETOX (v): Becoming Your Best You.

    Detox (verb): Abstaining from unhealthy substances.  Living confined.

    Retox (verb): Adding in healthy substances to be successful, healthy, happy.

    Detox detox detox.  How many times do you hear this word, re read it, maybe even use it… jumping on board out of some societal or self imposed guilt?  We all have at least once, because for some reason detoxing is considered the way to greatness.  The thing is, your body KNOWS how to cleanse itself. It was built precisely to do so.  Yet, over and over again, we strap ourselves up, lock ourselves in, and strip ourselves down.  Even though all we want is to be happy, healthy, and free…..

    By its very nature detoxing implies a lack of freedom.  Retox, on the other hand, is all about living.

    RETOX is about adding things in that will make you strong in body, mind and life.  It is about harnessing all you and the world have to offer, and then adding a splash of simple, straight-up doable tips and solutions to make it all even better. It isn’t about depriving or regulating yourself or your lifestyle like detoxing mandates but instead about embracing it all and flourishing within it. RETOX is about freedom and actual down and dirty true happiness.

    When you RETOX you become the best you you can be, from the inside, out, and outside, in, all while living your real, actual life, no matter what life throws you.  We have enough stress and demands on us as it is – why add more via some strict, dogmatic detox doctrine? Why not, instead, just live?

    RETOX is about accepting the chaos of the modern world around you and implementing the tools to not only manage it all, but thrive within it, becoming truly successful inside and out.  It doesn’t require you to spend hundreds of dollars on juice, wake up at 4 am to meditate, quit your job, or ignore your family and social life.  RETOX takes that all into account, because that is life, and just gives you the skills and secrets to keep it all together and kick ass within that context.  As I say in my book, RETOX, “Retox does not change your world it makes you better within it.”

    RETOX uses yoga, nourishment, mindset and music, or if you prefer, breath, movement, food, thought, and sound.  SO simple, so easy, and so free.  30 seconds of yoga at your desk here, one minute of a Retox Shot of meditation there, a food you can pick up at any deli, restaurant or cafeteria, and well, my friends, you are retoxing.  RETOX is a solution that is timeless, efficient, and functional.  A solution based on science, anatomy, psychology, philosophy, biochemistry, and the life we really lead.

    RETOX is a transformation, a rethinking, reforming, reinventing, reconstructing of who you are and how you can truly be, inside and out.  It is about detoxing the past methods that have not worked or that are too demanding to every be considering permanently realistic, and then adding in new ways to be the best you you can be smack dab in the middle of the life you really lead.  It goes to the essence of what living is about – it is living itself.

    We all want to be happy, healthy, strong, successful, and free. We all want a family, love life, killer career, and awesome bod. Yet this detox rage has lead us to think that we can only have these things by investing a ton of time, emotional energy, and money to get there.  Which, lets be honest, few of us have an excess of.  With retox you don’t have to do that.  All you have to do is BE YOU, live your life, and add in these simple tools.

    Detox is over my friends.  It’s time now for the RETOX revolution.  Rest to rage. Mediate to work. Breathe to energize. Eat to flourish. Sweat to focus.  Sleep to party. RETOX TO LIVE.

    In the name of RETOX & LIVING,


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    Have you ever thought about how you are connecting?  Not the means, ie facebook messenger vs whatsup vs the long lost art of a phone call, but rather actually connecting with the world, or yourself?

    I recently listened to a speech by the Pope who said that we can globalize and coexist as a society in one of two ways:  either that of a circle, one where everyone becomes the same, homogenous but united in the one unit.  Or that of a sphere, one held together strong lines of individuality and made stronger because we maintain who we are as individuals rather than blindly conform just to fit in to a circle.  I think he is a secret I.AM.YOU.er……

    I.AM.YOU. is a conduit to creating the sphere of you and your world.  Our toolbox of yoga, nourishment, mindset and music gives you the bandwidth and inspiration to connect to the inside and outside of you, and in doing so create the lines of fortitude that will hold together you and your sphere.

    Much like the name itself, at I.AM.YOU. I don’t want you to become a circle, blindly agreeing to what everyone around you suggests and does – whether that is eating a food or eliminating another, posing in a certain way for social media or reacting in a particular way in real life.  I.AM.YOU. is about building and maintaining all those lines that hold together the sphere of you.  It is about becoming all of you, inside and out, and connecting that true you to the rest of your world.    

    It is only then, when our individual nature is strong and connected that we become the best expression of ourselves, and best member of our world.  

    Decide today to connect actively, not blindly, as the strong individual that you are, and from there watch your world and life evolve to a whole new level.

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    6 Lessons I Learned From Quitting My Job

    Six years ago I woke up fairly blurry eyed and slightly tired, probably just like you did now, showered, dressed and hopped into a cab to work reading on my blackberry. But I wasn’t reading the daily news or my emails, but rather notes I had written for myself on what I was going to say when I quit.

    Six years ago today I quit my job as VP on the Fixed Income trading floor of Morgan Stanley. It was the scariest day of my life I felt like vomiting throughout the entire morning meeting, I voice was shaking as I asked my bosses for time to speak, and my hands were sweaty waterworks under the table as I explained that after seven years I was parting ways to start my own wellness lifestyle business – I.AM.YOU..

    It took a few hours, as they did not seem to believe that I was actually leaving the firm and kept enticing me to stay, but ultimately I left my badge on my desk with the six computer screens, and walked out of the building, a half a dozen high heals and workout outfits from under my desk in tote, and a massive smile smothering my face.

    In honor of my six year quitting anniversary, I am sharing the six most important lessons I have learned from quitting and venturing on this new path….. a path that has been more rewarding, and challenging, than I ever could have imagined… Hopefully it inspired you to do chase your dreams, too!

    1. It is Not Meant to be Easy.
    Hollywood, and famed bloggers, paint quitting as this unbelievably easy, joyous experience. But that is not always the case. I had a seven year career, a recent promotion, a solid salary, benefits, and years of prior intense education and future career growth on the line. Leaving that behind for the vast unknown was gut wrenching. And it had all the right to be. Do not feel weak or guilty if quitting is daunting – it means you are believing in yourself, everything you have created in the past, and everything you hope to engender in the future.

    2. You Need to Have a Plan.
    That said, you need to have a plan. Nine times out of ten, people come to me for business coaching inspired by my story and wanting to quit their jobs, which is great – but when I ask what there plan is, they do not necessarily have one, which is dangerous. If you quit without a plan life is going to be very, very challenging. I knew exactly what I wanted to create – a 360 degree lifestyle brand and new lens for wellness based on yoga, nourishment, mindset and music. Before I quit I mapped out my business plan, designed my brand, had a logo, flushed out the target market, made a prelim web design, and modeled potential revenues and profits. Things have of course changed along the way, but having a plan has allowed me to achieve my goals much faster, and ensured that I stay the course, which as much fun and integrity as profits.

    3. Every Industry has its own Quirks, and You need to Learn Them.
    Wall Street is its own world, a world in which if you say a trade is ‘done,’ it is done, and there is absolutely no going back on it. Suddenly I entered the wellness world, where everything was and is much more grey, and much more wishy washy, which initially drove me bonkers, until I realized that each industry has its own way of doing business. You need to observe, learn, and adapt to their ways, or else you will go crazy, and quite frankly, not succeed. For me that has meant learning about the yoga world in a whole new way, nutrition, events, digital media, and publishing, to name a few. Figure out the playing field, get your team together, and go play ball.

    4.. Do Not Feel Guilty About Down Time.
    This one has, and still is, so hard for me. When I quit I started to fill my days the same way I filled my Wall Street days. 12-18 hours of work, be they teaching, writing, general business, instant email responses, or other projects. Yet, until recently, I always felt guilty when I had down time, even if it was just an hour. Now I embrace these moments as time to foster my creativity and engender new thoughts and developments for I.AM.YOU., which has helped my career and business grow to whole new levels. Down time is ok!

    5. The Highs are HIGH and the Lows are Garth Brooks Low.
    No matter what you do when you decide to quit, there will be good days and bad days. But the chances are, because you will be outside the structure of where you were before, they will feel extreme. I have cried more in my six years of entrepreneurship than my I did my entire seven years on Wall Street trading floor, and that as almost always the only female. Life outside the box is no joke! Just remember that whatever it is, good or bad, it will pass. Then put it in the context of the big picture, take a deep breathe, and focus on the next thing. That way the lows will not seem as dooming and the highs will not steer you off course, and you may even be smiling all, or most, of the time.

    6. You Control Your Destiny.

    You are the only person who will determine your success or failure you are the only person who can shape your future. It is up to you, and you alone. Which is awesome, and daunting. I take a moment every day to say thank you to life for everything it has given me, and then hit the pavement running. You can, and will, create your ideal self and career in your ideal world, just remember to be patient, think about the big picture, and never stop hustling.

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    Classic. Meditation is not about clearing your mind of thoughts, rather about training the muscle of your mind to perceive and create the thoughts you want. You are supposed to be thinking in mediation! Just in a guided fashion. More on this in #retox &hellip

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    I am just gonna come straight out and say it - camping and I are not one.  It&rsquos not that I don&rsquot love nature – actually, I adore it, especially sleeping under a huge star filled sky as I do for a couple weeks sailing every summer- but rainy knolls, dirt, and muddy, likely snake and eel infested lakes to ‘shower’ in are not quite my thing.  Funnily, this was precisely the setting for my teachings at the sold out 30,000 person Wilderness Festival this past weekend, and I had a blast.
    There in my rainboots, stealing extra napkins from any refreshment stand to use as future toilet paper, I pushed the boundaries of what I consider to be “me,” and in doing so became more in tune with my current state of being.  I danced in the rain, slept in a sleeping bag on the wet grass in the middle of the dance floor, and then went to work the next morning, energized and excited. Alongside Sian Sutherland of Mio Skincare, I taught on Positivity, Energy, and Creating True Happiness, led an I.AM.YOU. class on the main stage with her dressed as Elvis by my side (see pics, not kidding), and spoke on the extreme levels of wellness that have permeated our societies.  When I was working, I was in my element entirely…. Even with my neon orange festival headdress and tattoos on&hellip which made me remember that we can all be in the element anywhere, anytime, because of yoga.
    Yoga, like the Wilderness Festival for me this past weekend, is meant to push our boundaries and take us to the wild side of who we really are.  There, in that space between where we feel comfortable and where we actually are in that moment is where we discover our true selves and our true capabilities.  Only when out of our comfort zone can we clearly see how dynamic our true nature is, and how naturally our inner dynamism exists.
    If that isn’t a reason to jump on the mat, borrow a sleeping bag, or do something crazy, I don’t know what is.

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