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    You have to love. You have to give thanks for every day you are alive. You have to have faith.

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    1. Try Everything. The holidays come one time a year. So why not partake in all their goodness? Have the eggnog, go to the dinner, have your favorite gingerbread cookie, eat seconds of yams and stuffing. It is one time a year. Your body will make it through. And your mind will be happy that instead of spending energy trying to deny and eliminate your desires, you let yourself enjoy them. 

    2. Don’t Get Caught Up in the Stress. Just because other people are running around like elves with their heads cut off does not mean that you have to. Do what you need to do, when you want to do it, how you want to do it. Perhaps even calmly with smiles and cheer. There is no reason that stress-free holidays are not possible. So cling less to the popular anxious mentality and more to your true you. 

    3. Buy Less. Share More. So much of the aforementioned stress I hear about revolves around buying gifts. But what if you switched your focus from buying tangible goods for your friends and loved ones to sharing experiences with them? Maybe instead of manically maneuvering through hoards of shoppers to get a random belt or shirt for that person you decide to share a drink, coffee, meal, concert, or even just a walk with them instead? The experience and the memory will likely be more in line with the intention of getting them a gift to begin with. Think less about buying something, and more about sharing in something. 

    4. Double the Greens. Yes, definitely try and enjoy all your favorite holiday treats, but do forget about the green vegetables. In fact, try and eat more of them. The nutrients and minerals in green vegetables will keep your metabolism on point, digestive system happy, body cleansed, and skin radiant. Not to mention your weight even despite the festivities. Make sure 50% of your meals during the holidays are green vegetables. And then have the slice of pumpkin pie. 

    5. Commit to Time for You. Every day, 15 minutes to an hour just for you. Ideally to sweat or meditate. If you think that it is impossible with so many holiday events and travel, then you need to give yourself an experience, the I.AM.YOU. experience, through I.AM.YOU. audio classes. Whether you have 15 minutes, 30 minutes, or an hour – make sure you set up a time that&rsquos just for you! Rember: keep the weight and stress off, but turn on life. And always have fun!
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    Giving.  It is the basis of human existence, but often forgotten.  At I.AM.YOU. we have given close to $25,000 of classes, food, and clothing to people in need as well as non-profits just in the past year.  Why? Because it is the only way we will truly get anything of real value back from life, more than &lsquoa warm feeling&rsquo or a self-induced pat on the back.

    Give something today: a minute of your time, a dollar, a can of food, your scarf.  The good you create will go so much farther than whatever you were holding on to. 

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    Loving this song by Young Digerati.   How does it become this?  How does your life become what it is?  The moments you know and you can&rsquot get back?  PERSPECTIVE.   It is all &ldquoa matter of perspective,&rdquo as Young Digerati sings, and I.AM.YOU. philosophically believes.


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    Tips for Safe Hurricane Survival from I.AM.YOU. Resident Mixologist.

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