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    Tortilla Española con Trufas. No words to describe this &hellip. #RETOX #eeeeeats @talla_cadaques
    #foodporn #nutrition #recipe #laurenimparato #vegetarian #spain #espana #mindfulness #yoga #food #travel #cooking (at Catalonia, Spain)

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    This #RETOX bolognese is healthy, light, easy to make and delish!

    -Chop 1 whole garlic and sautée on medium heat in copious olive oil
    -Add 1 chopped white onion
    -Let simmer until onion is translucent
    -Add 2 handfuls of baby carrots, chopped
    -Add 3 stalks celery, chopped
    -Stir, add 3 dashes of salt, and let simmer until carrots are soft
    -Add 1lb Grass Fed Beef. Dice up into small bits when in the pan and stir
    -When beef is fully cooked add 2 large cans puréed or crushed tomatoes. San Marzano are my fave
    -Add 3 dashes salt, 2 of black pepper and optional hot chili flakes to taste
    -Stir and let simmer on medium until the entire sauce reduces and looks like the picture
    -When sauce is reduced, bring pasta to cook in boiling, salted water
    -Add 1 ladle of the pasta water to the sauce pan, then add all the drained pasta
    -Stir & serve with grated Parmesan


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    Bday #RETOX goes out to everyone who&rsquos had my back over the past 36 years - especially my hubs who surprised me w/ flowers, parents, sis, & all of you who have sent me ❤️notes. Love you all!!! Best start to the bday. 💋 (at Míkonos)

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    Headed out in a car or plane this weekend? Or feel like you need to shake the week off? Try these poses, either alone or together. Just throw down a handstand up against the wall wherever you are and you will feel brand new! #iamyou #RETOX

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    Tips for Travel Anxiety:

    Yes, you have to get on that plane, sit in traffic, or bobble down the train.  It is often part of the reality of the holidays these days, and that&rsquos ok.  Here are 4 tips to get you to your destination serenely, with a dash of hot and happy as well.

    1. Pack the Night before.  Packing the day of, although it seems to be efficient, adds to mental clutter and stress.  Pack it up before you go to bed the eve before you leave and you will instantly reduce your stress levels.

    2.  Go Green.  Make sure you load up with greens the day before you travel.  This will make you feel better, mentally and actually, about the travel.

    3. Do 5-15 minutes of yoga wherever you are.  Audio classes on itunes (artist I.AM.YOU. studio) and video classes here: www.IAMYOUstudio.com/yogavideo)

    4.  Look at it as time for yourself.  Once you get on the plane or train, try and put yourself in a bubble and take advantage of the rare time for yourself.  read, binge on your favorite scandalous series, or just stare into space.

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