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    2 organic eggs + 1 white cooked thin with olive oil as my travels across Spain, France & Italy this summer reinforced in me. #RETOX
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    ONE PAN - 4 MEALS: Make this I.AM.YOU. Recipe once a week and have it for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.

    -In large pan sauté half a yellow onion diced, one bag of peas, two small zucchinis chopped

    -While the veggies are cooking whisk a dozen eggs, ideally organic non-soy fed -Optionally add a pinch of salt and pepper

    -Once the vegetables are just about done add the egg mixture to the pan

    -Cover with a lid and let cook on medium heat

    -While cooking, mix a side salad, here of Bibb lettuce, olive oil and vinegar

    -When the middle of the I.AM.YOU. Tortilla is cooked, turn off the stove and flip the whole tortilla onto a plate.

    -Clean the pan and bowl while it cools so you can eat in peace And that is literally it. Save it in the fridge for the rest of the week and enjoy!


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    One of my favorite foods - Tortilla Espanola.  It is tough to make a perfect looking, perfect tasting one, but easy to throw one together, especially if you have nothing except eggs, potatoes, and the possible, and optional, white onion laying around!  This is the one pan, no mess, Quick Tortilla recipe.

    Quick Tortilla 

    -Place olive oil on low to medium heat in a decent size pan.  Do not use a ton, rather just enough to coat it.

    -If using onion, slice half of a small to medium white or yellow onion into slices and sautee in olive oil in  a pan.

    -Slice 3 potatoes into thin slices or chunks, depending on your patience level, and put into the pan at the same time

    -Let them cook until soft, and lightly salt if you are a salt-er

    -Beat 6 eggs in a bowl

    -Once potatoes are soft, pour eggs into the pan

    -EITHER - put a top on top and let cook OR if you are better in the kitchen, flip once the bottom is cooked, and do not use the top

    15 Min, 1 Pan, and aaalllmosst takes you to that tapas bar in Spain.


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