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    2 Steps to Overcome Hardships.

    I’m not going to lie … it has been a rough couple of weeks. Challenges, surprises, dramatic occurrences, and pretty much everything you can imagine in the realms of personal life, health, family and career. And in brutal honesty, I have not been consistently zen about it all (#momentsofborderlinehysteria) Maybe you can relate. But then, just a couple days ago, it all began to shift. In part because of my guardian angel and some luck, yes, but primarily because I put my I.AM.YOU. yoga to work.

    During the first parts of this challenging phase I tried to control the outcomes. When I realized that was impossible (thank you yoga for the reminder), I got more worried, panicked, and stressed. These reactions threw me into a mental vortex, one which clouded my perceptions of everything around me, and adversely affected my body, mind and life even further. It was as if my attitude had slipped into a total abyss, and I had forgotten that, in fact, I could do something about it.

    What I could do, and I did, was very simple:
    I decided to shift my attitude to a more positive place.

    How I did it was even more simple:
    I brought to mind something positive or exciting every time I felt myself slip into the abyss of hysterical negativity and worry, or got bad news.

    And what a difference it has made!! ☺

    You see, there are some things you can control in life, namely your mind, your perception, and your attitude. I fed my mind with positive thoughts to manually shift my perception, and thus created not only a new attitude to roll with, but a new world to roll in.

    That’s yoga.

    So next time you get overwhelmed by everything going on around you, very simply decide to change your attitude and feed yourself what you need to get the results you want. It’s possible, and oh so smiley and sunny on the other side.

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    1. Eat up. It won’t kill you. Even the whipped cream, butter, marshmallows and (gasp) gluten filled stuffing.

    2. Have fun. Ok so your fam can be stressful…find a way to have fun with someone or something on this day that we all get to celebrate together, near and far.

    3. Give thanks for what you have already been given.

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    Working lunches - seem to be the norm these days! I try and create textured salads while I eat so that 1. I’m not worried about it getting cold 2. It’s not boring 3. Can be picked at and this made to feel like snacking and eating 4. Green is good for the brain. Try it and let us know how it goes!

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    At Home Yoga Routine to stretch the muscles of thighs and back, specifically your hamstrings, quads, psoas, hip flexers,and glutes.  Great for tight lower bodies especially if you sit, run, crossfit, spin, and on as we do in today&rsquos world!  Remember to breath through your nose and not tug on anything!

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