I AM You Studio

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    &lsquoFamily & People are the most important investments,&rsquo I heard this weekend while speaking at Harvard Business School.  Please meet the I.AM.YOU. family.

    Myself, upper left. You know me in some capacity already :). Li, our killer Wednesday teacher, ex-ballerina trader (yes, possible) now Conde Naste programming junkie.  Be, our March Tuesday teacher & sub, as well behind the scenes I.AM.YOU. Operational Manager (and let me say that managing every thought, idea and project out of my brain is NO joke).  And our Resident Mixologist, the genius behind the beats that keep us going on the mat and on the streets.  

    Together we are a team, and with YOU we are a lifestyle, the I.AM.YOU. lifestyle of funky, efficient, cool, REAL approached to yoga, health, and wellness.  Thanks to ALL our family members across the globe!

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