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    #Repost @rosieacosta 💙💙💙'This woman is incredible She started her own yoga studio and now has created such a thriving wellness business. In Retox, health expert Lauren Imparato strips yoga down to its anatomical principles, offering practical tips for fast relief, drawing from a variety of disciplines - from psychology to nutrition to Tibetan philosophy.

    Most often you just need an anxiety buster you can do while running down the street, a yoga pose you can do at your desk, or a way to debloat what feels like an alien baby in your abdomen. Lauren Imparato’s Retox isn&rsquot about changing who you are or denying life&rsquos pleasures it&rsquos about tailoring sensible, scientifically based health practices to the life you already live.

    In this episode, you’ll hear how to create changetalk about Lauren’s former life in the corporate world and what’s she’s looking forward to today. I am honored to have had this conversation and share it with you.

    Radically Real Lauren • Getting hired on the trading floor of Morgan Stanley and still living a ‘healthy’ life • Finding yoga through a boyfriend and ultimately creating a toolkit for modern living • Deciding to go to a yoga teacher training after being promoted and having a successful career
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    Show Notes and Details Here: www.radicallyloved.com/44 &rsquo

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    Tip for Yoga Teachers: Help your students get better in whatever way they need that day, but don’t let them use you as an outlet. There is a subtle but grave difference between guiding them to physical/mental wellness and letting them vent.

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    I.AM.YOU. is ecstatic to announce its newest teacher&hellip Li Ouyang!  She straight up rocks - her elegance, energy, spunk, grace and smarts.  Which naturally all come out in her killer I.AM.YOU. classes!  Learn here about Li, and get ready for her 7PM Wednesday classes, starting 9 January!

    Li Ouyang was born and raised in New Hampshire, where she developed her love for nature and dance.  She hung up her tutu for college and soon after graduation moved to New York City, where she discovered yoga.  After visiting multiple yoga studios, she realized that the yoga in New York couldn’t offer her entirely what she needed.  

    So the music called her back to dancing, this time, salsa. While her day job consisted of trading derivatives at JP Morgan, at night, she danced away to the conga drums, New York style, on 2, til 2.  

    From the recommendation of a friend, Li stumbled into I.AM.YOU..  The moment the music started, she knew she had discovered a gem.  She struggled, like most first-timers. But no matter how many times she wanted to quit, the music and the teacher carried her through.  By the end, she floated out with a lighter body and heart.   

    In 2011, she signed up for Conquering Lion’s yoga teacher training.  With her previous dance training and exposure to Buddhism, she could appreciate the deeper meaning of yoga, the type that went beyond aerobics and into, and throughout, the entire body.  She began to be able to shape her world the way she wanted it to be, and realized the value of a dedicated, consistent yoga practice in gaining a deeper understanding of the self.

     Following the aftershocks of the financial crisis, in early 2012 Li decided to explore opportunities away from the trading floor, and into coding and web development.  But yoga remained the consistent thread.  At this point Li continued her yoga under Lauren Imparato of I.AM.YOU..  

    Li’s classes are challenging and creative, all while rooted in ancient traditions.  Her enthusiasm and laugh have been know to be contagious, uplifting her students to reach beyond their boundaries, much in the vein of I.AM.YOU..  Li takes a hands on approach to help her students discover their full potential, assisting throughout classes and guiding breath and movements with precision.  She loves to create a journey in her classes, akin to the quintessential 360°  I.AM.YOU. experience.

    Li has B.S. in Mathematics and Economics from Tufts University.  She is a graduate of Conquering Lion Yoga Teacher Training and I.AM.YOU.’s Finishing School.

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    Yoga Teacher Training (Place/Name/Date of Graduation):

    1. When did you fall in love with yoga and why?

    2. How often do you practice yoga?

    3. What is your favorite pose/poses?

    4.  Who are your favorite teachers?

    5.  What does I.AM.YOU. mean to you?

    6. Why do you want to further your education and expand your teaching potential at I.AM.YOU.?

    Please send answers to training@iamyoustudio.com

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