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    Feeling a bit tight? Try this #RETOX solution for your hip flexors, hamstrings, lower back, psoas & shoulders.

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    Suffer from Back Pain?  I do!  The US back pain market is said to approach $23 Billion dollars by 2018.  That is a whole lot of money that we could probably put towards education and general health care, among other things, if we could collectively get our backs under control.

    The problem is that we sit more then ever, commuting, working, and scrolling, which, when coupled with general demands of high heals, carrying, and travel can engender some wicked back problems, one of which I am suffering from now for the first time in  my life.

    Good thing we have I.AM.YOU. yoga.  Yoga is often recommended  for bad backs, but the little dirty secret is that it often makes back pain worse!  At I.AM.YOU. I deconstruct the muscles involved in back attacks and reconstruct yoga sequences that can not only relieve, but prevent, back pain going forward.  Here are my four faves for back pain, which I have used on hundreds of students and myself, as well.

    Malasana:  Start with your feet touching and knees touching.  Squar low, and then open your knees as wide as you can while keeping your feet together.  Drop your forearms between your legs and let your head hang.  Optionally place something under your heals. Breathe 5-20 breaths.  This stretches the erector spinae muscles.

    Boat Pose:  Strong cores mean strong backs, and less back pain.  Hang out in Navasana with knees bent or legs straight for 5-20 breaths.  Think of it as free prevention

    Wide Leg Boat Pose:  Hold your big toes or under your thighs.  Open your legs wide.  Lift your chest from the sternum and optionally drop your head back and look up.  Hold here 5-10 breaths and open your outer thigts.

    Straddle Pose:  From there, drop your legs and forehead to the ground – gently!  Stay in this pose for 5-30 breaths, stretching your QL and sacral muscles of the lower back as well as glutes.

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    Best way to relax & stretch your neck, shoulders and back #retox style.

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    Try this to lengthen & energize especially between flights & meetings.

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    Go out on a limb at home today. !st two lines 1 breath each.  Next 3 lines hold 5-10 breaths each pose #iamyou  #Retox style.

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