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    Let’s create peace in ourselves, from the inside out, and then together.

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    Yoga is about creating peace for our selves.
    One practice, one job.
    Create our personal peace.

    Yoga is a practice of making peace with, for, from and within ourselves. It is not about peace signs, big hugs and singing kumbaya in the name of peace and global humanitarian rights. It is actually far more profound, and challenging. The peace yoga aims to create is the most subtle, yet more complex… it is about the peace of the inner you.

    I am the first to admit that there is many a time when my me is not at peace. I catch myself having an endless internal dialogue that quite resembles a multinational debate, silently buy fiercely in my mind. Should I eat that? Should I not? What if I answer this email now? Is that the right business move? Is my husband going to be happy? How is my mom? I need to sweat. I should rest. I want a croissant. You should have eggs instead. Are people going to like this? What if they don’t like this? I mean, if Kerry thinks he has a rough job, he should just enter my mind on those days….

    This internal clacking is said to represent a disconnect between the various inner channels and energies of your subtle intangible body, the one we cannot feel or touch but know is there. It is our internal world not at peace. The aim of yoga is to create harmony between all the energies that create you, and move it all into the central line of the body. We use the poses to manually force the energy into the center, the breathe to guide it, and the dedication and music to keep it headed in the right direction.

    When your energy is in the central line, in Tibetan called the uma, not only your body, but more importantly your mind, and from there your entire life, will always be at peace, with you, yourself, itself, and everything around you.

    So let’s try and be a diplomat with ourselves today, and create our own peace from the inside out. I am pretty sure there will be some sweet indulgent treats if we are successful….

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    Really. Just breathe.

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    One breathe can change everything. And plenty of guided breathes for you on our videos here.

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    Looking to warm up? Here are 3 things you can do to create some warmth inside and out:

    1. SKIP SALAD & JUICE. Go for cooked veggies & soup instead to warm your body, ignite your natural heater, and boost your immune system.

    2. FORGET DELIVERY. Pick something up yourself instead. Seems counter intuitive but sending someone else into the cold to bring you something almost assuredly correlates to you being forced again into the cold. Sort of like karma…(See my post here for further explanation)

    3. SWEAT. Also perhaps odd given the gym or studio is a cold walk away, but a good sweat from your living room can rev up the internal heating system of your entire bod.

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