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    Going Out On A Limb to YOU

    Sometimes you just need to go there.  Go to that place where you do not want to go, where you are sure you do not belong, that is absolutely not for you.  The place you know you will look borderline ridiculous, probably giggle with self conscious nerves, or hide from sub conscious embarrassment.   

    Yoga was very much that place for me.  I could not touch my toes, was utterly inflexible, and always wore big mesh basketball clothes when I went to work out, something you will read more about in my upcoming book.  Yet I went once, and then again, and again, and again, initially simply to prove myself wrong.  Low and behold, I got addicted. 

    It was the best decision I ever made.

    Forcing yourself past where you are comfortable is where you discover your true you.  For some of us it is yoga, for others dance, others writing, speaking, art, motherhood, math, you name it.  It is in that place you do not want to go that the going gets good.

    Go out on a limb and you may get an incredible new view of you. 

    Trust me.



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    Stick Your Resolution - And Get What You Want.

    Sometimes society perplexes me…. For instance, I have never really understood why November is about thanks, December is about giving, and then January is all about ourselves.  Shouldn’t the thanks and the giving, the gratitude and the generosity, continue through into our newly marked calendar year?  Shouldn’t exchanging with others extend into these professed new beginnings?  Wouldn’t it be better if self centeredness took a back seat as we individuals in and of a larger collective embark on a new twelve month journey?

    The typical New Year resolution craze focuses on endless lists of things you can resolve to do to make you, yourself better in January.  These usually concentrate on weight loss, torturous diets, painful fast styled cleanses, extreme exercise, and expensive beauty routines.  Yet for the two months leading up to the new year, also known as the month after the last day of December, we have had a polar opposite focus - one of and for others rather than of and for ourselves.   Why the hairpin turn, and more importantly, what does it truly imply?  Nothing good, the Tibetan yogis would argue.  

    You see, in the Tibetan theories of yoga I teach and study, there is an overarching concept of correlations.  Correlations relate actions you take directly to future experiences in your life.   They connect everything you do, think and say to specific events, incidents, and feelings in the future.   The most direct, palatable example is if you need money, you must give it away to someone else first.  Taking it a level further, if you want to be beautifully radiant, you need to be patient with others (pretty sure that’s what my mother has going on).  The Tibetan philosophers have written pages and pages of such correlations, each one relating something you do in a tangible or intangible format now in association to others to some precise result in your body and life in the future.  In doing so, the correlations inherently bind you with those surrounding you, and create the framework for the body, mind and life you experience.

    So if we go into January and all we are focusing on is ourselves – our weight, skin, diet, career, schedule, and on and on – we are, via the logic explained above, actually not bettering ourselves at all, as the instant gratification of, upon, and for me, me, me does not correlate with the results the you is probably searching for. 

    The thing is, just like you are not going to find wealth unless you give away, or happiness unless you spread it to others, you are not going to get better if you do not help someone else get better.  It thus becomes impossible to resolve to better just yourself….

    So this New Year try and correlate new beginnings with a renewed perspective of how you construct your you and your world, and perhaps instead of making yourself crazy on 1,000 calories a day, double down Spin and Bootcamp classes, and a limited social schedule, simply, yet grandly, resolve to do something for others, just like you did in November and December, and precisely like you want someone to do for you.  That’s how you can become everything you dream of and gain everything you hope for not only this year, but for years to come.

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    December.  It should be time to celebrate! The holidays are upon us and a new year is just around the corner. Yet this time of year tends to be riddled with stress, anxiety, exhaustion, and feelings of lack of wellness. Believe me, as a lush of life, I get it, but these last weeks of the year should be pure happiness, wellness and joy. Here are five tips to ending the year with a bang, so you can kick off the next one with an even bigger one.

    1. Don’t Get Swept Up in the Stress. Just because everyone else is stressed does not mean you need to be. Do what you need to do, when you want to do it, maybe even with a smile. It is not written in stone anywhere that this time of year is supposed to be stressful - we just make it so. Decide instead to do it your way, without stress and with enjoyment, and you will start off the new year in an entirely different way.

    2. Demand YOU time. Sometimes the stress at this time of year comes from trying to please everyone, yet in that process we forget to take care of ourselves. Carve out 15 minutes a day, or a larger chunk three times a week to do what you need to do to be healthy and happy. Sweat, rock out, see an old friend, or just sit in silence. Taking time for you now will set the precedent for the new year.

    3. Say Thank You. At this time of year we talk a lot about Gratitude, but often forget to actually be thankful. We tend to complain about the holiday parties we have to go to and food and drinks we have to have rather than appreciate how lucky we are to even have those options. We spazz about not finding the right gift rather than rejoice in being able to give one.  We whine about being tired rather than feel fortunate that we have friends who want to spend time with us.  Instead, just say thank you for everything around you.  This will open up endless paths of positivity for the year to come. 

    4. Go Intangible.  Instead of thinking about what you can buy, think of what you can create.  Give intangible or homemade gifts, ones that embody your energy and sentiment for the receiver.  You will save money and feel so much more fulfilled than after buying a random top for someone.

    5. Be You. Wear what you want, say what you want, do what you want.  Be who you want to be, as you want to be it, and then you don’t need to worry about anything else.  

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    Try this today.

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    Roll With the Punches

    All too often I find that today’s yoga pretends everything is ok.  It feigns peace and relaxation, opting to “let go” rather than “go for it.”
    I, for one, am all about going for it all, head on.  The thing is, if you do so, chances are you are going to get banged up every now and then. That’s ok.
    Yoga, especially of the I.AM.YOU. ilk, is meant to teach you to roll with the punches, physically and mentally.  The classes are hard with a purpose.  The music load with a goal.  The dedication and focus specific with an ambition.
    The objective of all of I.AM.YOU. is to teach to roll with the punches on the mat, so when you get onto the sidewalks, into the boardroom, or into the kitchen with a wailing kid, you know that you can, and will survive.
    The punches are the seeds to your success.  So roll with them today.



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