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    Headache? No problem.  Try these quick tips to recover AND prevent.  #iamyou #retox

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    Suffering from mid week Brain Fog?  No problem!  Try these quick suggestions from Lauren Imparato of I.AM.YOU..

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    That&rsquos #detoxtoretox. That&rsquos #iamyou.

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    If opportunity doesn’t knock… Open a door. You never know what you will find, and even better, create. #iamyou #retox #detoxtoretox

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     “Lauren stop being a Granny!” That’s all I heard last weekend.   There I was atop a mountain of ice, steep cliffs on each side, with my friend, colleague and (unfortunate) ski guide saying nothing more to encourage me than to stop gripping like a pathetic old stiff grandmother.

    As I glared down at him with the precipice aging me ten years every minute, I realized just how much of a control freak I had become since the last time I skied 14 years before.  Suddenly I was micro-analyzing every possible injury that I could incur, scrutinizing every bump of icy snow, evaluating every possible escape…. For which there was not a one.

    I wanted to kill him… until I started laughing.  That laugh softened my fear just enough to unleash my desire for control, and then, very, very slowly, I started to creep down the run.  I started to Retox my way down the mountain, using a little bit of yoga, a little bit of anatomy, and a whole lot of mind muscle work to overcome the mountain of my mind.

     Retoxing is about implementing the tools you have around you to take whatever life throws you on any given day.  I.AM.YOU. creates a base of yoga, nourishment, mindset and music for you to pull from to do so.   My mind was the battle that day, not my physical body.  I simply needed to shift its perception of the run ahead and my ability in order to get down to home base.

    Sometimes what we need is a good ole mental whacking, like my friend provided to me.  Other times we need some acute, deliberate physical movement, or a specific meal.   And yet others we need to rock out and lose ourselves to the sounds of life that surround us. 

    But whatever mountain of your mind you are stuck upon this week, know that you have the route already inside you, and just check in with I.AM.YOU. if you need a little guidance.  I promise I won’t call you a granny J

     xx, Your Granny, Lauren

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