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    Try this to enhance your mood & relieve a moment of stress #iamyou #retox style.

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    The Scottie Pippen Pivot

    It is no secret that I love basketball. Michael Jordan still reins my number one idol, and with him all the Bulls&rsquo teammates. Back when I was a kid I wanted to be them so very much. Before we had a basketball hoop in the backyard, I made a makeshift, 8 foot one using a gap in the wood of the overhang of our California ranch patio terrace. I used to practice my rebounds on the back of the chimney, only once cracking the living room window, and while Mom cooked dinner, I would practice my pivots.

    There on the white linoleum kitchen floor, I would stamp my foot on one of the quasi tiles and pivot around in circles, trying to emulate Scottie Pippen making the room to give Jordan an assist. I would spin around and around, holding a bushel of grapes or the bag of potatoes my mom was soon to peel, then switch to the other foot and do it all again. The thing is, my legs have always been long, and our kitchen was anything but wide. But it didn&rsquot matter I don&rsquot think I ever noticed. I had the space to maneuver in my mind.

    Pivots are a vital element to success. Without them it is impossible to keep going, let alone with positive inertia. Yet when life presents us with challenges that demand a change, we often completely forget that we have the pivot as an option. Instead we freeze, digging our heals deeper into the court, running down our personal energetic clock until someone or something comes in and blows the whistle.

    I.AM.YOU. and the upcoming RETOX provide you the tools and inspiration to help you pivot, no matter what that may imply in your own personal, career, health, familial or social life. Use our yoga to remind you that your body can, and does change, every day. Use the dedication to keep you focused on the goal. Use the nourishment to fuel you, and the mindset to inspire you.
    Together they are your keys to successful shifts, and success as a whole, whatever that means for you.

    Pivots aren&rsquot bad - they are a fun secrete weapon that will likely lead to a slam dunk. Try one with me where very you are, no matter what the reason. Even if it is just for the pure uni-brow Tom boy nostalgia to get up and pivot I have now.

    Ready to pivot with you.

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