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    I was super honored last weekend to be able to take part of an elite summit of entrepreneurs that took place… how do I put this… on top of a mountain, not even 5 meters from the first run and also the best lift.  In between talks some would have coffee or a beer, while others of us would throw on our skis and shoot on down the impeccable Utah slopes.

    It was on one of these runs that I started thinking about the Fall Line, the one line that, if there are no bumps, a gravity would guide a ball straight down the mountain.  In skiing, the fall line is the magnet, the place you want to be.  I, on the other hand, started off by traversing the fall line left and right, right and left, crossing it in some pretty shnazzy Z’s rather than the long swooping S’s that are in fact the goal.

    The thing is, skiing the fall line can be scary.  Your skiis are pointed most often, down, your speed is likely, fast, and all sorts of injuries can come to mind. Dare I say, you can ‘fall.’

    But then it hit me.  The practice of RETOX is all about embracing our personal fall line.  It is about understanding that sometimes things may shoot past us, we may tumble, and we may need to zig zag a bit, but that life’s inertia will take us there, and RETOXing will help us as individuals arrive radiant and in one piece, inside and out.

    When you RETOX you swoop through life’s snow with clean turns and vibrant smiles, just like I finally did last weekend, whether it is the yoga, nourishment, mindset or music that gets you there.

    So this week, embrace your personal fall line with me.  Even share it on social media with #RETOX – we are on the mountain of life together after all!



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    On Basketball & Yoga

    Back in the day I used to be a baller. Well, my version of one at least. I was mega into basketball, the captain of various teams, winner of Northern California championships, and about to play in college (I chose to live Florence and drink copious amounts of cappuccinos for a semester instead). Last week, thanks to my dear friend and founder of MioSkincare, I got back on the court again and played a full court 5-on-5 game for the first time since I was 18. It was incredible, and also surprisingly very I.AM.YOU..

    As I ran up and down the court I quickly remembered my absolute two favorite parts of the game - Assisting and Rebounding – and realized how much of a role they play in my current career, life, and yoga.

    Assisting is helping someone score. It is a pass to someone else so that they can have a personal win. Rebounding is turning something bad into something good. It is the ultimate potential.

    Assisting and rebounding together are truly the essence of I.AM.YOU.. At I.AM.YOU. – in the yoga classes, online and live, teachings, and writings – I try to give everyone the tools they need to win in their body, mind and life. It is not about me slam dunking, akin to me posing in a provocative way alla Cirque du Soleil so that you think I am amazing or hot it is about giving YOU what you need in that moment to score in your body, mind and life. It is about showing and helping you to grab whatever modern life throws you, recover the pieces like you would a loose ball in a rebound, and turn it into a point for your personal betterment, no matter how congested the paint looks.

    Together assiting and rebounding create victory, on the court, the yoga mat, and throughout real life. They are the essence of sportsmanship, teaching, generosity and yoga. Join me this week in giving someone an assist or setting them up for a rebound, in helping them score in whatever area of their life they most need it.

    Maybe we can all go buy a new pair of Jordan’s to celebrate….


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    YO DONA Magazine, JULY 2013

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