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    Did you know that I.AM.YOU. is training it’s next teacher?  That’s right!  Some of you have had the luxury of meeting Sheri Uslander, the smiling, chatty, and forever chipper gorgeous brunette around the studio, others will get your chance soon!  Here are her thoughts on learning, as she continues to learn the ins and out of I.AM.YOU., you, and teaching you….

    Every teacher, idol, mentor of mine has always fostered one thing in me- a thirst for knowledge.

    As a young, wide eyed undergraduate student, I studied accounting and continued on with a CPA.  Perhaps needless to say, the vibrancy of my thirst for knowledge for the exciting art of accounting was quenched after some years in the field, so I moved on, …to the NYSE. 

    While there, I realized my obsession with the physical (I was a D1 athlete), and since I.AM.YOU., yoga.  I decided to put fuel into the fire, and devoted all  my time not at work (and sometimes at work…) towards learning - learning yoga.  The philosophy of yoga, the anatomy of yoga, the teaching of yoga.   There was little time to sleep given my full time job, but my thirst kept me going.  I knew it was what I wanted to do, what I had to do.

    Fast forward to today, and I am a full time yoga teacher with two trainings under my belt,  and apprenticing at I.AM.YOU. full time.

    Crazy?  Maybe.  Happy?  Absolutely.   The biggest lesson I have learned in the past years?  The key to being amazing at whatever it is you do is to always be a student.

    It is imperative to continue expanding the mind.  In fact, recent studies on brain plasticity show that to it is essential to keeping the brain healthy.  From learning a new language, to studying a new art form, learning is the unique factor for continued mental health later.  But most importantly, by continuing to learn and develop yourself as a human being, you realize you are capable of much more than you anticipated, much more than you could have ever dreamed of.  A key lesson I have learned from I.AM.YOU. . –Sheri Uslander

    Sheri and I continue learning, taking workshops, trainings, and teachers classes in philosophy, anatomy, various forms of yoga, nutrition, and more, to make sure that we are always the students, and from there the teachers.  And in doing such, providing the I to the YOU. 

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