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    Your life can change in a split second. We have all heard it.. but don&rsquot stop reading here, because rather than preach to you on the known, I would rather collectively ponder with you from Hong Kong on the perhaps less pondered, and more unknown.

    Many months ago a NYC I.AM.YOU.er emailed me letting me know she had moved to Hong Kong, and was desperate to bring some I.AM.YOU. yoga, philosophy, music and sweat to her new side of the world. We brainstormed and schemed, and ultimately she passed me the contacts of a lady I had never heard of that could have potential interest in collaborating. I emailed her. She emailed back. Then I called her. And let me tell you – it was rough. I had had a horrible week, she likewise was stressed and overwhelmed, and the call was, well…. Less than stellar.

    Yet I decided to take one more moment after the call and follow up, and her the same, and from there the most incredible series of days in Hong Kong were planned out, all for her foundation and event, MAYYA+MOVEMENT, I.AM.YOU., and you.

    I could have easily hung up the phone, forgotten about our interaction, and written her and Asia off. But I decided to take one more moment to apply one more bit of effort, and from there an incredible movement, expansion, and friendship has resulted, as well as a love for Hong Kong.

    It really only takes a moment for you to change, change your you, your life, your world.

    Sometimes we may not want to expend the energy, do not see the purpose, and feel lackluster about pursuing intangible dreams in our future. Yet if we internalize the power of each moment and the latent possibilities just waiting to arise, we will never hesitate to take one more moment…. Because there we will truly find, create, and bask in the change.

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    The Yoga of Trick & Treating

    I&rsquove tricked myself into idiotic things. My boyfriend doesn’t love me. I’m fat. I won’t succeed.  And I&rsquove tricked myself into amazing possibilities. I will succeed. We will all be friends. Our love is infinite.

    Yoga has taught me how to differentiate between, and control, the two.

    They say in yoga, &ldquoyogash chitta vritti nirodahah.&rdquo  Or we become whole by stopping how the mind turns things around in the wrong way. We become happy and successful and hot by stopping our mind from tricking ourselves, our perceptions and our actions, into something undesirable.  That is the whole point of yoga.

    When your are living in a world that you don’t like, where things are not going well and you do not feel ecstatic, they say that your energy is getting blocked up in the sides channels of your body.  Yoga works to cure this.  The poses are meant to act like a wrench banging on a pipe, in this case on your muscles through to your energetic channels, to move your energy to the center, where there are no tricks. The breath is meant to massage the thoughts to the center line of you as well.

    Together, these crucial yoga tools are used to train the entire entity of you - tangible and intangible – into achieving and living your wildest dreams.  Like this you can continually create your ideal world and ideal you. Full of treats, not tricks. Happiness, not misery.  Hotness, not doubt.  And love and kick ass sekness all around.

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    All About Increasing Energy

    Apparently I am overwhelmingly energetic.  Or so say my friends, family, clients, students and colleagues.  The funny thing is, I do not think about energy all that much, which I realized over the days of my &ldquoenergizing&rdquo honeymoon is because it is something so deeply innate, something so INSIDE that it is natural, even more so with the enhancement of I.AM.YOU. yoga and nourishment techniques.

    In the traditions of yoga and Traditional Chinese Medicine that I.AM.YOU. pulls from, they say that energy runs inside a series of channels in your body. Acupuncture uses the needles to manipulate the energy, I.AM.YOU. yoga uses the poses, breath, and thoughts. The poses work like a wrench banging on the outside of a pipe to things to move on the inside - ie using the muscles and ligaments to shift the inner energy. The breath and thoughts work like a current in a vast ocean approaching an inlet to a stream, shifting the energy subtly on the inside. The aim of all is to get your energy out of the thousands of convoluted side channels and into the major three central channels, and ultimately the one main central channel, called the uma in Tibetan. When your energy is mainly there, you are never tired, bogged down, drained or sick, but always ecstatic, successful, and ready for more, in every sense.

    Businesses continue to capitalize on society’s overworked, overstressed, continual need for more energy selling us bars, gallon size lattes, &lsquosuper&rsquo juices, massages, facial products, 5hour shots (please don’t drink those), and so much more – but what you really need for more energy is already inside you. It is you. You just have to shift it around and peel it out. Which I.AM.YOU. is here to teach you how to do, with yourself, by yourself, any time you need, any place you are, by simply implementing some proper yoga and nourishment techniques.

    So this week let’s focus on revving up and releasing our natural energy, and shying away from what tends to suck it. I guarantee you have more energy than you think …

    Your energizer bunny,


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    Lately it seems like every time I turn around I hear from a friend, student or colleague having at tough time in a personal relationship.  The timing is interesting as I go into my eleventh year with my partner, and am soon to be married.  As I listen to the tales and get asked for advice, I can only help to reflect on my own relationship, and yoga.

    In every relationship there are three parts - the ME, the YOU, and the US.  Each of these three legs needs to be healthy and strong for the entire unit to be healthy and strong, for the relationship to be whole.  

    Imagine a triangle.  If the ME is down or depressed, the US will suffer.  If the US is in a rough patch the ME and YOU will each be out of our own natural synch, given our tie to the US.  If the YOU is wavering, the whole triangle will teeter with it.

    Interestingly, this is not a lesson in self help, but of yoga.  In the ancient books of Tibetan yoga philosophy we study at I.AM.YOU., they use logic to physically show us how important the balance of a relationship triangle (an I.AM.YOU. phrase for an ancient  funky term) is.  In the inner, intangible philosophy of yoga there needs to be a balanced triangle between strength, mobility and confidence.  In the physical, tangible I.AM.YOU. practice of yoga on the mat there needs to be a triangle of breathe, poses, and dedication.  When each of these sets of three are strong and healthy, you are radiant, successful, healthy, and rockin&rsquo it.  

    In these triangles that dictate the foundation of yoga, and relationships, one leg cannot take all the weight without the whole unit toppling over.  Instead all three legs need to be equally strong, supported, and supportive to themselves, and each other.

    If you are going through a rough time, try doing some yoga, and focusing on breathe, poses, and dedication while you practice on the mat.  Take that to the sidewalks and ponder a balance of strength, mobility, and confidence.  And then, if you so dare, examine that relationship and ask yourself if the me, you and us are really as balanced as they should be, as strong as they can be.  And apply your yoga lessons to make it better, and better, and better&hellip.  

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