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    Love this reminder of how beautiful our world is, and lucky we are to witness it. 

    Images: The Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth / Editor: David Peterson

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    I was definitively the geek who loved freshman year physics in high school first period and I salivated over it. Well except for the day our school allowed everyone to bring their pets to class and I ended up getting salivated upon…. But that’s another story.

    Of the many things that enthralled me about physics is the Newtonian concept that for every force there is an equal and opposite opposing force. For every up their is a down, every in an out. For every action, a reaction. Turns out Newton was actually a yogi, because this is actually a fundamental cornerstone to both the tangible and intangible practices of yoga.

    In every yoga pose (that is properly aligned) there is a muscle that is strengthening, and one that is lengthening. There is a grounding action and a lifting action. There is a forward reach and a backward pull. In every yoga pose assist (that is performed safely), there is a grounding action and a lengthening action. A stabilizing force and a mobilizing one. You can see these most obviously in the front thigh of warrior two, where the quad strengthens and the hamstring lengthens. In handstand where your hands press down but your torso lifts up out of the shoulders. In a forward fold assist where you ground the pelvis and lengthen the spine.

    In the Tibetan theories of yoga we study at I.AM.YOU. there is an intangible yoga practice called tonglen. Len means to take, and tong means to give. In commonplace yoga theories taking is almost always shunned, and giving continually exonerated. But in tonglen it is clear that you cannot have one without the other. As physics would teach us, you need to take to give, and give to take.

    If you don’t take hours to sleep, you won’t have energy to give. If you don’t give love to others, you won’t have support to take when you need it. But even more important - if you take someone else’s suffering away in some form, you can give them happiness. Which is the essence of tonglen.

    When we use logic as a base for yoga like we do at I.AM.YOU, we see that that taking is not always bad. What matters is the opposing force on the way back. Which we know has to be equal, and hopefully greater.

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    Mover, Perceiver, Stimulator or Adaptor?

    Apparently Left & right brain thinking is outdated - it is top, bottom and all around.  Very I.AM.YOU. discovery - you are whoever you want and create yourself to be .

    Interesting article on the brain from  The Wall Street Journal

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    So inspiring! She is a total I.AM.YOU.er - letting curiosity & coolness drive actions, and from there perfect success.

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    Happiness SHAPES your GENETICS

    MUST READ. How you treat others, & your happiness, affect your GENES, and from there your immune system, genetics and more.  It is all very I.AM.YOU..  

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