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    I.AM.YOU. FINISHING SCHOOL for Teachers&hellip. Read on if you or a friend have completed a teacher training, and are interested in furthering your knowledge with I.AM.YOU., and maybe even becoming part of the I.AM.YOU. Faculty Fam.

    WHAT:  In this program you will learn how to understand and relay what an I.AM.YOU. class is really made of, from breath count, to anatomy, to philosophy and more.   Ie.  What makes it feel so good, inside and out, and how to offer that to other people.  We will start by going back to the basics of any traditionally based yoga classes- breath, bandhas, and drishti – and then work through the nuances that make I.AM.YOU. the most unique yoga experience around, from its funky modernity to its traditional purity, from its athleticism to its meditation.

    Topics covered include:

    • Breath Count
    • Sequencing & Pace
    • Proper Assisting
    • Specifics of Anatomy
    • Injury Prevention
    • How to be a  teacher and a boss in a yoga setting
    • How to find your own teaching voice
    • How to efficiently communicate to every student in the room
    • Principles of Tibetan Yoga Philosophy
    • Ancient Traditional Meditations
    • Main tenants of I.AM.YOU. perspective & positivity based outlook

    WHEN:  Four Wednesdays in September and October including and following the 1 hour Open class.

    • Wednesday September 5 & 19
    • Wesnesdays October 17 & 31

                  Class, 7PM – 8PM /// Classroom, 8PM-10.30PM 

    WHO:  Any graduate or current student of a yoga teacher training program who wants to add to their knowledge and take their teaching to the next level, as well as anyone interested in becoming I.AM.YOU. yoga faculty.  You must have a regular yoga practice of over 12 months prior to your yoga teacher training program.


    • $820, includes the 4 open classes and 4 additional open 90 min open class tuition
    • $780, early bird pre labor day registration

    CERTIFICATION:  I.AM.YOU. Finishing School Graduate, allowing for a possible spot in further apprenticeship and the I.AM.YOU. teaching faculty.

    HOW:  Fill out this application and send answers with your RSVP & payment method to training@iamyoustudio.com  Only truly interested parties will be accepted.

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    Yoga Teacher Training (Place/Name/Date of Graduation):

    1. When did you fall in love with yoga and why?

    2. How often do you practice yoga?

    3. What is your favorite pose/poses?

    4.  Who are your favorite teachers?

    5.  What does I.AM.YOU. mean to you?

    6. Why do you want to further your education and expand your teaching potential at I.AM.YOU.?

    Please send answers to training@iamyoustudio.com

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