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    Sweating through RESILIENCE.

    Has anyone else had one of those weeks? By no means chaotic, but the bumps in the road just seemed more frequent and larger than normal. Often, momentum had taken the driver’s seat rather than mindset and choice. So what do we do when our focus, drive and abilities are tested? At I.AM.YOU., we breathe deep, tap into our favorite music, keep moving, and nourish ourselves. So lets get down to it. This week is all about RESILIENCE - building it, adapting and coming back stronger.

    Resilience motivates us to get back up after taking a knock. Its what allows us to keep moving after failure and look to the future without fear. This doesn’t always come naturally, but these are the moments when the tools of our practice prove to be most valuable.

    As you know, our dear Keela, is leaving for the next few months to teach in Thailand. As I was taking her going away class, she spoke about the uncertainty of new adventures and the anxiety that sometimes comes with the unknown. Her teaching for the evening invited opportunities to surprise ourselves, to move into that unknown space optimistically rather than dwelling on what could go wrong.

    So how do we find resilience when we’re feeling overwhelmed with the unknown, the failures and the disappointments? You create space for self-care – a routine including time to sweat, eat foods that support optimal performance and clear out the negativity that’s holding you back.


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