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    #Repost @tayleerenee Hands down favorite class I&rsquove ever taken&hellip thank you @iamyoustudio ! Your book was amazing and your class and energy was even better! 🙏🏻😊☺️☺️☺️THANK YOU FOR #RETOX ING WITH US! 💙💋👊🏻💋 (at Stratton Mountain Resort)

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    Hangover Helper #RETOX syle.

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    👊🏻RETOX is the new DETOX👊🏻Lauren Imparato, author of RETOX and former Vice President of Morgan Stanley, joins us on The Health Is Wealth Podcast to share her journey from Wall Street to being among the Top 100 Women in Wellness.
    In this episode we talk:
    - Moving away from detox towards RETOX
    - What makes Yoga SO POWERFUL!
    - What’s the best way to start yoga?
    - How work your Mind Muscle the Retox Way!
    - Am I fat? Let’s talk body image.
    - Honesty and authenticity in the wellness space
    *Warning: Health can cause career changes!*
    - Managing emotions the retox way. #RETOX CLICK HERE FOR FULL EPISODE http://www.drbradysalcido.com/011laurenimparato/

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    #Repost @rosieacosta 💙💙💙'This woman is incredible She started her own yoga studio and now has created such a thriving wellness business. In Retox, health expert Lauren Imparato strips yoga down to its anatomical principles, offering practical tips for fast relief, drawing from a variety of disciplines - from psychology to nutrition to Tibetan philosophy.

    Most often you just need an anxiety buster you can do while running down the street, a yoga pose you can do at your desk, or a way to debloat what feels like an alien baby in your abdomen. Lauren Imparato’s Retox isn&rsquot about changing who you are or denying life&rsquos pleasures it&rsquos about tailoring sensible, scientifically based health practices to the life you already live.

    In this episode, you’ll hear how to create changetalk about Lauren’s former life in the corporate world and what’s she’s looking forward to today. I am honored to have had this conversation and share it with you.

    Radically Real Lauren • Getting hired on the trading floor of Morgan Stanley and still living a ‘healthy’ life • Finding yoga through a boyfriend and ultimately creating a toolkit for modern living • Deciding to go to a yoga teacher training after being promoted and having a successful career
    Listen Here: Link in Bio #iTunes #soundcloud
    Show Notes and Details Here: www.radicallyloved.com/44 &rsquo

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    💥wow. Utterly humbled to be surrounded by such GIANTS. Sending #RETOX love (link in profile for your copy ☝🏻️) 🙏🏻😊😘@timferriss @tonyrobbins @daniellelaporte @drpedre @we_are_food #davidludwig #repost @carriepetriwellness

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