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    Thanks, coming from roots pancian and thankojen meaning ‘to reward or recompense things pleasing to the mind.’ Your brain works like a DVR - it records everything you think, say, see, experience, and perceive. If you re record the good, positive elements , you can replay that video whenever you want, thus lifting your body, mind and life, internally and externally.
    In highlighting everything that is good, you have less time, energy and mere mental space to focus on what is bad and what went wrong. In doing so, you innately shift your internal perspective, thus becoming happier, more energetic, and less stressed almost automatically. By focusing you on the positive, #RealThanks gives you the fuel to take on the present. It sustains who you are, and in doing so allows you to chase who you want to be.
    Thanks. Real Thanks.
    How do you start? First start by giving #RealThanks to the obvious but often neglected - Thanks to our body. Our mind. Our health. Our job. Our freedom. Our friends. Our family. Our food. Our teachers. Our mentors. Our ability to hear music. Our ability to breathe. Our ability to see. Our ability to move. Our ability to think. Our planet. Thanks to the life we have been given to live.
    Then, a little gift from me to you - use code REALTHANKS for 50% OFF on any of our online videos through the holiday (11:59PM, 26 November 2017) on RETOX.YOGA .
    So, cast aside what you do not have and instead take a moment to simply take a deep breath, go sweat, and reflect on everything you do have. That’s real. That&rsquos thanks. That’s #RealThanks
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