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    RETOX, born 2016-2017, weighing in as quadruplets at 12lbs 4oz. These are my babies. I am really proud of them, as painful as the labor & post partum was & has been. Yes, that&rsquos a thing with books. English, Spanish, German, Portuguese - so beautiful to see all my babies together 😪Available in 4 of the most spoken languages in the world and now across the globe. Link in profile (retoxbook.com) for your copy & the free presents that come with it (video yoga class🤸🏻‍♀️, cleanse meal plan🥑, music 🎶) . I don&rsquot know if I should cry, sleep, dance or just stare at them &hellip. #RETOX

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    What an erudite little lady!!! Thanks to RETOXer Alex & her niece for sharing their Sunday!! How are you #RETOX ing today? ❤️you girls! #RETOX #detoxretox #reading #kids #love #laurenimparato #mindful #meditation #detoxtoretox #nyc #read #books (at Westchester, New York)

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