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    I&rsquove been hated on for being too happy & optimistic many a time. But it&rsquos my nature my sister even calls me a &lsquogolden retriever&rsquo. I tend to see the positive, that infamous full glass, in almost every situation. That said, I am human. And lately I have been struggling to consistently hold on to that optimism for more than a quick second. I didn&rsquot even realize it was happening until last week, when after a gangbusters day of press, helping people, and seeing my book baby RETOX placed at the same level to as giants @tonyrobbins @timferriss @ariannahuff and I had little reaction. In fact, the little reaction I had was that I have failed. Which, the golden retriever in me knows is silly, but the other part of me was fighting to wallow in. So what did I do? Did I #meditate ? No. I know enough scientifically to know that meditation can often make depression more intense and worse. Did I suit up for a RETOX #yoga sweat? Yes. That always makes everything better. But what REALLY made the difference was totally coincidentally running into this on the floor of @ironsideoyster . It was just there like an apparition, a sign from the gods of golden retrievers and optimism to get my head out of me a!*s and to be me, see me, enjoy me. To not search for the empty but relish in the full. To not embellish the tragedy but rejoice in the reality. To thrive in the optimism that is innate in all of us and is just waiting for us to let shine. Optimism does not come easy to everyone- I know that. But it does exist for all of us, no mater how much you may have labeled yourself a non optimistic, happy person. Give yourself a break and let the beauty of life reveal the optimism inside of you. Just let it take over. I did again, because of this simple little sign, and let me tell you, it feels f*!n great. ☀️, Lauren #RETOX (at I.AM.YOU. Studio)

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    It’s gonna be a good day. And if it’s not - make it one. #iamyou

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    Excellence is the best medicine #iamyou

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    the Rokstar in YOU

    There is a rokstar in every single one of us.  Yes there is.  I could just stop here, but&hellip..  The question really is, not IF there is a rokstar in us, but how to find the rokstar?  How do we unleash the power, strength, versatility, creativity, and US in us?  

    The Tibetan yoga philosophers started by meditation.  Through meditation, and then breath, they learned to control their mind in a way that only rokstar-inducing thoughts, and thus actions, would result.  The Indian yoga philosophers started with asana, the physical.  Through physical contortion and movement, and with that, breath, they learned to control their body, and through that their mind, to reach that same rokstar self in that same rokstar world.

    At I.AM.YOU. we combine all of them, breath, meditation, asana, with an extra special NYC-style modern kick, to extract that rokstar in you.  The rokstar painter, trader, dancer, mother, athlete, chef, friend, partner&hellip you name it.  Because it is definitely in there&hellip. but it is up to YOU to go and get it.

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    How are YOU sitting through your day?

    Don&rsquot move!!  Just look at your body&hellip are you hunched in your chair?  Or is your brain stuck in a thought - banal, challenging, or emotional??  Well then, read on&hellip..

    Each pose you do in yoga is called an Asana.  And Asana literally means seat in sanskrit&hellip So technically, you are sitting your tush through a sweaty athletic practice (well at least at I.AM.YOU. :) ).  It&rsquos kind of funny when you think about it&hellip.. 

    So if you &ldquosit&rdquo through an active moving asana class, then in theory you are sitting through your day, taking various positions mentally, and physically.  

    Which bodes the question, how are YOU sitting through your day?

    Yes, often times I catch myself literally sitting in a shlumped position in a chair (um&hellip. so 4 minutes ago).  But sometimes I catch my MIND sitting in a negative or unwanted spot (I told the woman NO tomatoes, no tomatoes!!&hellip or&hellip I really can&rsquot believe he didn&rsquot call or text, did he call or text, I can&rsquot believe he didn&rsquot call or text&hellip.. or&hellip.. My boss is such a jerk&hellip.who cares about work today&hellip. she is such a jerk&hellip or or or or).

    Essentially, my mind, my thoughts, my emotions, my energy is stuck in a less than great seat.  It is stuck in a seat that I alone have placed it in.  It i stuck in a seat, that frankly, sucks (like behind the guy with the HUGE head and sweaty armpits at a rock concert).  

    So what to do about it?  Yoga in its entirety (asana, breath, meditation) is designed to help you jump into that tiny space between you going to that seat, and actually sitting in it.  It is meant to help you catch yourself  on the way there, and take yourself away from there before you plop down and shlump in.  Through yoga, you can train your mind and your body to choose, take, and live in seats - tangible and intangible - that make you happy and healthy all the time&hellip no matter what. 

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