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    Tag someone you think needs to lay off their phone addiction for a bit&hellip. and get on a digital detox - everyone , especially your own mind, body and life, will better from it. Retoxbook.com 🧐iamyoustudio.com
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    DIGITAL DETOX - Take one.

    It is time for a Digital Detox. Yes, you digitally read this correctly. After months and years without stopping, constantly attached to my iPhone, iPad and Air, I have decided to unplug for a bit, and want you to as well.
    We all need to disconnect to reconnect, as I like to call it, and hope that at least once in the next couple of weeks you do the same. I promise you, it is possible, and you will not die. Trust me.

    Here are 6 STEPS to DIGITAL DETOX and ensure you are always the best you you can be:

    1. Turn the phone off or into Airplane mode before you go to bed.
    2. Shower and get dressed before you check your email.
    3. Resist the urge to check social media during a meeting or dinner, especially dinner.
    4. Buy a real newspaper or magazine and get your fingers dirty from the ink.
    5. Leave your phone at home or at the office on at least one walk or errand a day.
    6. Stare into space and let your mind wander for at least 3 minutes.

    Technology is amazing, but it can get in the way of our true self nature, from moods to creativity, productivity, sex drive, sleep patterns, metabolism and more. Sometimes we need to just put down the phone and be ourselves. Give it a try for a day, moment, week or hour and get ready to truly live epicly.

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    Remember the Telephone?

    Remember the telephone?  Not the one hanging on your kitchen wall with that long cord you used to twirl yourself up in, nor the obscenely large wireless one with the even larger antenna you pined for in 90210 (the original, clearly), nor even your first ever cell phone that fit in your pock, nor the French rock band… But Telephone, the game.

    I wound up being acutely reminded of it last week as twenty plus family members and I sat around the table, attempting to make space between the multi course meal and to be multi course dessert.  It started quite simply….The car is red.  Around the table it went.  But as we got more confident the mistakes began to churn in… ‘Nick is like Frank Sinatra’ turned into ‘Nick is like Frankenstein.’  ‘Joy for the holiday and more’ turned into ‘Jessica is a wh….e’ and on and on.  We were all hysterically laughing… while my mind turned to yoga.

    In the Tibetan theories of yoga we implement at I.AM.YOU. they say that there is a tiny, miniscule space between what you see and what you perceive. That space, smaller in time than a hundredth of a nano second, is precisely where and when you label what you see, creating the perception you have, and from there the reality and world you live in.  For example, your eye sees a ‘tangled rope,’ but you think it is a snake and freak out (like I would)… but what if before labeling it as a snake and spazzing you were able to get into that space and correctly label it as the rope it is?  No heart attacks, and an overall better moment in your life.

    The whole point of yoga, especially I.AM.YOU. yoga, is to learn how to create your ideal you and ideal world.  By using the entirety of the practice of yoga – the breath, asana, sweat, and the music – and the entirety of you  - body, mind, and life – you learn to insert yourself in that tiny spot between seeing and perceiving, or labeling, so that ultimately you are only surrounded by things you love, covet, celebrate, and desire.  Essentially it is about learning to play telephone in your mind, without ever messing up.

    It is up to you to create, deliver, and accept the messages you want.  It is up to you to harness the continual game of telephone of the muscle of the mind.  It is up to you to become the rockstar you want to be, inside and out.  And we can’t wait to help you along the way. 

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