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    It's Complicated (or not)

    NEWS FLASH: It&rsquos not that complicated.

    At least it doesn&rsquot have to be.

    Yes, life in intricate and complex, and modern living sometimes appears nothing more than an endless stream of demands. But it doesn&rsquot have to be completed if you don&rsquot let it be.

    The crux of complication is usually in our minds. Actually, the most ancient yoga books and philosophy I.AM.YOU. is based upon says it is ALL in our minds.

    The point of yoga is to train the mind to not complicate matters and instead to see things in their own true nature. It&rsquos then and only then that you learn to fly, and can actually be happy, healthy and successful.

    Listen, it happens to all of us, especially when we are already stressed out. But that&rsquos what I.AM.YOU. and the upcoming book RETOX are here for - to help you uncomplicate matters so you can soar.

    So today decide to keep it simple. Any time you get stressed or upset, go back to your breath, just as if you were in an I.AM.YOU. Yoga class. Put on a song you love. And think of someone you love. Dedicate your pure simplicity to them, and there you will discover the complex beauty that is real life and true love.

    I&rsquom doing it now - try it with me.


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    What is Skin?

    I’ve had stitches four times in my life. 1993, outdoor basketball court in Cali, getting slammed going up for a rebound, creating a cut through to the bone above my left eye. 1997, Madrid, in attempts to ‘create’ chocolate chips out of thick bar of chocolate and make chocolate chip cookies for my host family, gashing my thumb from top to bottom. 2013, NYC operating room, reconstructing my right shoulder after a diving and sailing injury the summer before. 2014, NYC – ie this week -, to remove a quite annoying and questionable spot on my face.

    The first two were bloody…. At thirteen my mom picked me up from school covered in blood and drove me to the doctor, distracting me from the new red dye on my uniform with discussion of beaches we love. They sewed me up, I ate popsicles and pizza, and a week later, twenty plus stitches still in, I was back on the court with one of those ghastly plastic eye and face masks. At seventeen in Madrid the father of the house walked to the bar, doused my thumb in orujo, a Spanish pure (drinking) alcohol, stitched it himself, and sent me to the nightclub hand wrapped in gauze (so my friends could better see me in the black light, of course). I was oddly calm about both of these. The most recent two have been controlled, planned with the best surgeons, and theoretically for my better health, yet I have been quite worried, borderline spazzing, about them. Which is odd, and begs the question… why, and what IS skin anyways?

    Anatomically speaking, skin is an organ, in fact the largest of the body. It protects you, regulates your temperature, releases impurities, and holds together all the organs, blood, muscles and tissues inside us. In Tibetan yoga theory, skin exists as a translucent, radiant field of light that contains your inner winds, or energies.

    In both cases, skin is meant to keep it together, the tangible and the intangible. The you you can touch and feel, the you that bleeds, literally…. and the you that is there, and you can feel, but that you never see, the you that bleeds like an emotional ballad.

    In my first two sets of skin scaring stitches, there was great tangible uncertainty and damage, but hardly any intangible effect. In last two, the tangible visibility was negligent, but the emotional one quite strong. The goal of yoga is to create a neutral approach and reaction between the two, and to be more specific, to let one dissolve into the other, so that there is no difference between the tangible and the intangible, the anatomical and the energetic.

    When this happens, the great yoga philosophers say you are never distressed, bleeding, injured, unhappy. You are always radiating light and on top of your game.

    At I.AM.YOU. we work towards this using a dedication to work the muscle of the mind, the asanas for the muscles of the body, and the breathe as a tonic to soothe and unite it all. Like this we work to never scar, never get stuck, and always be radiant, from the skin to the bones, the heart to the soul. All of you, inside and out.

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    Start a Self Practice

    DETOX to RETOX Challenge: Keep it Going with a Self Practice

    Last two days! What will come next is up to YOU. I.AM.YOU. is always here to help, but learning to develop a self practice will keep you on the path to success. Inside and out.


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    I am many things, but tech geek is definitely not one of them.  I only have 7 aps on my iPhone, which I only got a few months ago, and care much more to read a paper paper than one on my newsstand.  I didn’t have a facebook account until a generous I.AM.YOU.ers spent the time making one for me, and explaining why I had to be on all the realms, and well…I’d rather run around.That said, sometimes I look up and realize I have just been lost in my iphone, usually on social media, for 2, 5, 10 and even more minutes.  At which point I have to ask myself – what in the world have I been focusing on?!

    Drishti in Sanskrit means focus or gazing point.  It stems from the with the roots drish, meaning to see, drishau,meaning the eye, and drishtah, meaning observed.   In that, drishti refers to our external gazing points, such as where I eyes physically wander in a yoga class or while in a yoga asana, but also to our internal gazing points.  This latter meaning of the word is the most challenging part of true yoga, and in that, life.

    We create our own focus points – me and you.  You make them, shape them, and take them wherever you want to. Which begs the inevitable question – where do you want to focus? 

    To find out, take a moment and see where your internal gaze is…. Is it on your colleague who you can’t stand, or on a guy that may or may not call?  Is it on a fight you had last week or on your friend who got some great news?  Or is your internal drishti stuck on the own circles and iterations of your own mind?

    If you can figure out where you are truly looking, then you can teach yourself how to see.  And when you accomplish that, you can learn how to see everything you dreamed of.  True Sight. True Focus. True Yoga. True YOU.  

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    DAY 8.: MINDSET: Meditate, I.AM.YOU. Style

    The purpose of yoga is inside, then out. Meditate without it obstructing your schedule or being intimidating or weird.


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