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    Its Monday. You want pasta but you want To be &ldquohealthy.&rdquo You don&rsquot want to cook but you want a homemade meal - enter my #RETOX PESTO AL CALIFORNIANO ! This is a take on a famed Italian northern pasta dish but takes out the potatoes and needless fillers and uses my Pesto recipe which is full of omegas, protein and taste without all the oil.

    1. Add two cloves of garlic and ½ a white onion to a pan with olive oil. Let simmer until soft.
    2. When onion is translucent add a cup of baby tomatoes cut in half and a dash of salt. Stir and let simmer on medium.
    3. Now add 3 large zucchinis cut in thin rings. Stir, add drizzle more of olive oil and dash of salt, and let cook.
    4. While the zucchini &ldquopasta&rdquo is cooking make the pesto! Recipe is the last post on the blog and uses two awesome secrets to make a much healthier and easily digest ale version of this famed Italian sauce.
    5. When zucchini is soft, mix it in a bowl with the pesto. Optionally sprinkle with Parmesan and fresh basil and enjoy!
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    California RETOX Pesto:

    This is a much lighter & healthier version of traditional Italian Pesto, and, best of all, takes almost no time and makes almost zero mess.

    In a blender or cuisinart mix together:
    -two bunches of fresh basil
    -half a cup of almonds
    -quarter cup of Parmesan (or a piece two thumbs thick). Pecorino is a solid substitute.
    -dash of salt
    -fresh ground pepper
    -quarter cup of olive oil.

    Blend until smooth, adding olive oil as needed.

    Then stir into pasta al dente, use as a spread or dip, or mix into veggies and enjoy!

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    🌱Spring #RETOX Pesto🌱My editor took this recipe out of the book because it &ldquoencouraged too much pasta.&rdquo No comment! Here&rsquos the recipe: -two bushels of basil -6 to 8 cloves garlic -½ cup grated parmesean -tiny pinch salt -tiny ground of pepper -¼ cup extra virgin olive oil -blend w/ a blender, cuisinart etc and add olive oil, cheese, salt to taste -mix in to pasta cooked al dents optionally with some spring peas 5 minutes to healthy Italian #RETOX pasta bliss.

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    -3 Cups of Loose Basil Leaves in a blender or quissinart

    -Add 3 Cloves Garlic and blend

    -Add ½ cup or just over of sliced almonds and blend

    -Add ½ cup Olive Oil and Blend

    -Add ½ cup of Pecorino Romano or Parmigano and blend

    -Add ¼-½ cup Olive Oil again and blend

    -Salt & Pepper to Taste & stir or blend

    Scoop into a bowl and voila.  Make it once, save it for up to two weeks.  Or make it today and have it on sandwiches, salads, pastas, crostini, dips and snacks over the holiday weekend.  We use almonds for extra omegas and extra goodness.



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