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    🌱Spring #RETOX Pesto🌱My editor took this recipe out of the book because it &ldquoencouraged too much pasta.&rdquo No comment! Here&rsquos the recipe: -two bushels of basil -6 to 8 cloves garlic -½ cup grated parmesean -tiny pinch salt -tiny ground of pepper -¼ cup extra virgin olive oil -blend w/ a blender, cuisinart etc and add olive oil, cheese, salt to taste -mix in to pasta cooked al dents optionally with some spring peas 5 minutes to healthy Italian #RETOX pasta bliss.

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    &lsquoPasta makes everything better,&rsquo said my husband & every person trained in the Lauren #RETOX school of blight better. Oh, and Italians. Recipe in my book! retoxbook.com

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    the #RETOX Lasagna:

    This lasagna is light & protein packed. The sauce, recipe below, is 80% vegetables, and I use 2 different types of cheeses instead of ricotta, bechemel and maozzarella so you can enjoy an epic lasagna without feeling heavy after.

    -Make my #RETOX Beef Ragu Sauce 
    -Take a Pyrex Oven pan and layer a thin layer of sauce on the bottom.
    -Add a layer of No-Cook Lasagna Pasta Sheets
    -Add a layer of sauce
    -Add a layer of grated parmesean and pecorino cheese
    -Add another layer of No-Cook Lasagna Pasta Sheets
    -Repeat until the top of the pan
    -‘Close’ the lasanga with a layer of sauce and AMPLE grated parmeasean and pecorino.
    -Bake in oven at 425 until the top layer is melted and crunchy
    -Let sit for 20 minutes
    -Serve and enjoy!


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    And then I made psghetti & a meatball. Sauce recipe in my book, #RETOX . @amazon @barnesandnoble & better your local bookstore the Italian dolce vita way. 💋🍝💙#RETOXselflove #imparatYO
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    the #RETOX Bolognese: 

     Honestly, what&rsquos better than a great Ragu in winter? This #RETOX version is almost all vegetables, too, making it both light & nourishing. 

     -Add 4 cloves chopped garlic to a large pan with olive oil on medium heat 

    -Add 1 chopped white onion -Let simmer until onion is soft 

    -Add 2 large carrots & 3 celery sticks chopped 

    -Stir & let simmer on medium.

    -When carrots soft add 10 chopped Roma tomatoes 

    -Add 5 pinches of salt, optional hot pepper flakes, optional black pepper, stir, and cover with lid. 

    -After 10 minutes add 1 large can of crushed tomatoes (or just to double fresh tomatoes) 

    -Cover with a lid, stir every few minutes, and let simmer on medium for 10 minutes. 

     -Add 1 bag of frozen peas. Let peas get medium soft. 

     -Add 1lb of ground grass fed organic beef. Make sure to break up the beef well with your fork or spatula. Cover with a lid and let simmer for 30 minutes. OPTIONAL: keep it vegan & skip the meat! 

    -When ready serve alone, or over your favorite pasta. This recipe makes enough for a few people for many days, so freeze or save what&rsquos left over for next time!

     (PS did you notice the one pan no mess #RETOX style?)

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