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    Yes, you read correctly! This I.AM.YOU. burger recipe is made to fight cancer, inflammation, autoimmune diseases and boost your alkalinity, immune function, and overall health.  And, it is de-lish!  Here&rsquos how:

    -In a Cuisinart or Blender add cooked kale, cooked broccoli (both sauteed or steamed), raw baby spinach & garlic.  Alkalinty, gluconsinolates, fiber, antioxidants, omegas, isothiocyanates, and everything else good you can imagine. Blend until tiny and slightly soft/mushy.

    -In a skillet add olive oil on medium heat.  As it warms make the burger patties with your hands.  

    -Place the burgers on the pan and let cook until crisp to taste.  In the meantime top your cancer fighting condiments: avocado, tomato, onion, lettuce.  Ie: Omegas, lycopene, sulfides, alkalinity.

    -Toast a bun or bread if you like. Here I use asiago sourdough bread from a local baker.  Latest cancer studies are showing a direct link between calcium in dairy and cancer prevention, particularly that of the breast.

    -When the patties are ready, assemble, drool, and enjoy.

    Now you can eat a burger every day and literally get healthier as you do! It could even help you lose some weight and detox easily&hellip. (hint hint) 

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    When you do something for someone else, it works. That thing works. You work. It all works.

    Last night we did yoga for everyone that has Parkinsons, everyone that has a loved one with Parkinsons, and anyone that has ever thought they may have Parkinsons.
    At &lsquoPosing for Parkinsons,&rsquo I.AM.YOU. and the Michael J. Fox Foundation collaborated for the second year to raise money for Parkinson&rsquos research and cures. The evening started with a one hour yoga class at the studio, followed by drinks at our local. True to I.AM.YOU. trademarked Detox to Retox form always, with an intention behind it all.
    So inspired by I.AM.YOU.ers&rsquo desire to help and do things for others, I.AM.YOU. decided to match all donations. Meaning, in one evening of sweaty fun, we raised together $15,000!
    The event worked, the yoga worked, and the funds will go to work.
    Do something for someone else. It can be a new thing, or a thing you do every day, with a renewed intention behind it. It will work. For you. For them. For all of us.
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    HUGE thanks to everyone who supported POSING for PARKINSONS last night! We raised over $3000, all going directly to Parkinsons research and TeamFox.  And we sweat, laughed, drank and ate&hellip. perfect eve.  Until next year!!!

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