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    California RETOX Pesto:

    This is a much lighter & healthier version of traditional Italian Pesto, and, best of all, takes almost no time and makes almost zero mess.

    In a blender or cuisinart mix together:
    -two bunches of fresh basil
    -half a cup of almonds
    -quarter cup of Parmesan (or a piece two thumbs thick). Pecorino is a solid substitute.
    -dash of salt
    -fresh ground pepper
    -quarter cup of olive oil.

    Blend until smooth, adding olive oil as needed.

    Then stir into pasta al dente, use as a spread or dip, or mix into veggies and enjoy!

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    Morning everyone! Remember to start with a glass of room temperature water and some time for you. #RETOX @wsj @peetscoffee
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    Salad. In a roll. Hong Kong style. No soy sauce all fresh.

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    3 Steps to Making Peace with Gluten without going for expensive Tests:

    1. Take a week and eat only all natural, cooked foods, without grains. Base your diet for the week on sauteed and steamed vegetables, soups, meaty fish (not shellfish), organic beef, and occasional berries. Avoid cheese, milk and dairy. Hearty and pure.

    2. Record what you eat in an iPhone note or notebook. Also record how your tummy and digestion feel.

    3. After a week, try some processed gluten – soy sauce on sushi, seitan, you name it. Record how you feel. Then add back in dairy. Then add in other forms of natural gluten until you stumble across something that gives you pain and digestive issues (note - many vegetables such as broccoli and kale can cause similar reactions, so just focused on these for this exercise). When you find it, you will know. It may not be what you thought…

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