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    Anger Isn't the Answer. Being a Gardener Is.

    Here&rsquos the thing. Lemon seeds grow lemon trees. Pine seeds grow pine trees. The RETOX philosophy teaches us that you have to plant the seeds you want to grow.

    If you plant seeds of anger, disgust, negativity, and hatred, those are the sentiments that will foster. But if you plant seeds of patience, generosity, integrity, love, teamwork, positivity and light, those beautiful sentiments we all want will flourish.

    Now more than ever you need to be the gardener of your own mind we need to be the gardeners of our world.

    Join me today in planting a seed to create our future, sharing the positive seeds you plant with #MYSEED #RETOX on whichever social platform calls you.

    I am putting on my gardening shoes and planting positivity and light. #MYSEED #RETOX

    I hope you join me.
    Lauren Imparato

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