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    Valentine comes from the Latin root, valens, which means &ldquostrong &.&rdquo Not sexy, or sl*ty, or in need of a date or 🌹- just STRONG + HEALTHY. So #RETOX!

    Join me in a true Valentine&rsquos journey this week as we embrace strength & health as cornerstones of #RETOXselflove . And ok, fine, maybe some sweatheart candies 🙈

    Lauren (at I.AM.YOU. Studio)

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    Got a case of the Mondays? RETOX it out with Florence + The Machine. For more music to keep you moving visit our Spotify

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    Make your dreams come true this week. 


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    &ldquoI am what I choose to see.&rdquo

    You are exactly as you perceive yourself, in mind & body. Decide today to see the you you want to be, inside and out, using this mediation & mindset tip from #RETOX.

    Get your book today to get a 3 day meal plan &s to help you become who you choose to see. #RETOX love! 💋


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    RE-New Your Resolution Every Day.

    It is January.  Again.  The most common time for New Year’s Fitness Resolutions.  Until February, of course, when they all come up again, this time as forgotten and  broken. But that does not have to be you this year!!   Here are some ways to look at and create your fitness resolutions so that they are NEW and RE-newed every day.  And a reminder that resolutions do not have to be ONLY fitness oriented in the western way of the word&hellip there is always the fitness of your mind and soul.

    1.  You Brush Your Teeth & Shower Daily. 

    Or at least we hope you do!  You have time to do these things because they are a non-discuss element of your existence.  Regular fitness can, and should, be the same.  Think of it as something akin to brushing your teeth, as opposed to a daunting ‘new year’s resolution. 

    2.  There is Time No Matter Where you Are or What your Day is. 

    Feeding off of point one, you can stick to a fitness resolution no matter where or how life takes you.  Fitness does not only have to happen in a gym, with a trainer, or in your yoga studio.  It is everywhere.  Walk around the block 10 times, take the stairs for a day straight.  Do Push-Ups and Sit-Ups in front of the TV.  Experiment with an Audio yoga class on your iPod.  Dance around (naked) to your favorite music.  As long as you are moving, you are sticking to a fitness resolution.  So don’t confine yourself into breaking it.

    3. Make Music an Integral Part.  

    If you play music you love, music that moves you and makes you smile, you will have no problem sticking to a fitness resolution.   Download new music, either an album or song, to listen to as you sweat (again, no matter where or how that is) as much as you can.  If you are feeling like you don’t want to do your sweat that day, drag yourself off the couch first to the itunes to find something to inspire you, then to wherever you are going to sweat.  It is an assured way to get, and keep, you excited about spending time with you.

    4. Think of it as an Escape for YOU.

    How often do you really get alone, un-bothered time alone these days?  There is always an email, a boss, a child, a partner, a tweet, an ad, a something clamoring for your attention.  Instead of looking at working out as something you have to do, look at it as a precious little slice of time for you.  First with the music, as discussed, and then with your thoughts.  Your sweaty time really can be paradise if you let it be.

    5. Don’t Let Boredom Be an Option.

    The second you tell a pal or let yourself think you are getting bored with you routine, you will be bored.  So create a routine off the bat that will keep you intrigued.  Mix up only things you like so that you are doing each 1-2x a week, for an ideal 3-6x a week fitness goal.  Walking through the woods. Running.  Boxing. Yoga. Dancing. Spinning.  Whatever it is that you like.  Look at your calendar.  Then look at the offerings from fitness studios around you, and make your calendar mold to what is available, so that you have an enticing weekly schedule to, dare I say it, look forward to.

    6.  Don’t Psych Yourself Out.

    Just because you fall off the wagon one day, or one week, does not mean that the resolution should be thrown away! And just because you have a soft, or even, ahem, lazy, work out one day does not mean that you should give up.  Your body changes, and life changes, every single moment of every day.  That is what makes both so incredible.  So let yourself ride the waves of you and sweat through them, instead of breaking and crashing every time something comes up that you don’t like.  It will be fine.  I promise.  Tomorrow is a new day.

    I look forward to my daily sweat time more than anything else, and I have for as long as I remember, six to seven days a week.    It is a regular part of my life  (like showering) which I enjoy (with silence or music), which allows me a special time and experience for me, and me alone.  Sure I have days when I literally have to peel myself up and onto a Yoga mat -I’m human.  And so are you.  So instead of making a New Year’s fitness resolution, this year make a RE-Newed-YOU resolution.  And make it about you, for you, your insides and out, every day.   If you do, you will blow right through February and to next Jan without even noticing (and maybe even healthier, stronger, and more fit than ever…….)

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