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    The #RETOX way. www.retoxbook.com

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    &ldquoI am what I choose to see.&rdquo

    You are exactly as you perceive yourself, in mind & body. Decide today to see the you you want to be, inside and out, using this mediation & mindset tip from #RETOX.

    Get your book today to get a 3 day meal plan &s to help you become who you choose to see. #RETOX love! ūüíč


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    Weekend mantra.

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    #selfie in St Germain to remind us all that life&rsquos scratches & marks are what make it OUR life. Embrace them & shape them into the reality you really want.

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    Would you call yourself daring? Dare I say a DARE devil?  I definitely would not, but then I started to think about it in a yoga sense&hellip. 

    When I was a kid, apparently I ran around everywhere, talked to everyone, and never stopped (or napped according to my mother).  I was fearless&hellip in some ways&hellip but in others I was a down right scardy-cats.  I remember going to weddings and other party events and refusing to get on the dance floor, while my younger cooler sister would dance and dance away&hellip but as soon as we would get home I would lock myself in the bathroom and dance alone&hellip with no one but myself watching.

    Many many many moons after my last hidden dancecapade (minus the regular chick ones of course), I found myself sick from nerves and in a personal daring situation again.  Dares for me aren&rsquot about jumping out of planes or running down the street naked&hellip they are much more internal.  The global head of the group of my Wall Street career tapped me on the shoulder and asked me to move to London from NYC to start the Turkish business.  I panicked and jumped for joy at the same time (in silence of course).  It would be the biggest, arguably most beneficial career move of my life, but it would mean GOING for it, and leaving my stateside friends and family behind.

    It was the ultimate dare - of the ultimate me, the internal, intangible me.  

    Could I do the job, yes&hellip I think so&hellip but what if I failed?  What if I didn&rsquot make any friends in London? What if the rain and British food ended me up fat and alone?  What if my boyfriend of two years and possible love of my life left me?  Don&rsquot laugh - these were legitimate questions!  

    I went to my self yoga practice, the practice that ultimately turned into I.AM.YOU. classes as the world knows them now, and realized that I had to dare me, myself.  The fear was entirely internal, mental, intangible.  It was coming from me, not at me.  

    So if this fear was coming from me, not at me, then I could control it.  I could take the dare, realize that it was a purely mental one, move forward, and rock it. 

    There isn&rsquot some official wonky word for &lsquodare&rsquo in sanskrit, and at I.AM.YOU. we do not try to invent fake traditions.  But daring one&rsquos mind, pushing one&rsquos insides to a better place, a higher place, are absolutely yogic in the I.AM.YOU. sense of the terms.  That&rsquos why our classes are at the intensity level they are - so you can dare your MIND to go to the next level.

    Next time you are scared, worried, anxious, doubting&hellip. think of it as a mental game of teenage truth or dare instead.  Truth: YOU CAN DO IT.  YOU WILL GO TO THE NEXT LEVEL.  Dare:  Doing it with a smile & grace. 

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