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    I free myself. I free myself from blame. From misconceptions. From mis-self perceptions. From labels and constructs. From self ridicule. From self deprivation. I free myself from anything and everything that is not nourishing me, not encouraging me. I free myself from that other me that I am not and lean in to that me that I am and know I will become. #RETOX

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    How do you GET in YOUR Groove?

    Despite the chirping birds and budding flowers, I had a rough spring.  Illness, injury, illness, injury.  Throw in some botched travel and family issues, and, well, I was tossed off track, and I didn’t really know how to get back on it, back in my groove.

    And I tried everything. Going out more.  Going out less.  Sleeping more.  Sleeping less.  Working more.  Working less.  Socializing more.  Socializing less.  None of it worked.  And on and on.  Then one day, on my yoga mat just a few weeks ago, I realized what would get me back in my groove – ME.  And only me.

    Upon the epiphany, I scheduled four days alone in the middle of no where.  Four days for just me - my mind, my body, my cravings, my wanderings, my me.  And you know what?  It worked wonders.    I felt light, free, calm, soaring.  I felt me.  Just like I had been scrambling to try and feel for a few months, but had not been able to fully reach.

    Obviously, the ability to escape alone for four days is a luxury, one that I had not previously experienced before last week.  But escaping alone just a tiny bit of time a day is possible, no matter what.  Hence the importance of a yoga practice.

    You see, every time you come to your mat, you create and allow a time and place for just YOU.   For the inside of you- your breath, mind, sentiments, and energy – which will permit you to create the outside you that you want – your body, mood, experiences, and ultimately, WORLD.   

    The Tibetans call this practice of putting yourself in your own circle of you, alone and undisrupted by typical daily humdrum, the practice of bam.  They say that when you take yourself there, regularly, you will become an even better version of the you you know.  Through this time for you, whether it is on a hilltop in the middle of nowhere, or more realistically on your yoga mat in the middle of somewhere, that you create and become your ideal self in your ideal world.    

    Having just tried it in both locations, I have to agree.  There, in a bubble of me, I got fully back into my groove.  And you can, too, if you make the space for it. 

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