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    “Life is learning and learning is life.”

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    Yoga Teacher Training (Place/Name/Date of Graduation):

    1. When did you fall in love with yoga and why?

    2. How often do you practice yoga?

    3. What is your favorite pose/poses?

    4.  Who are your favorite teachers?

    5.  What does I.AM.YOU. mean to you?

    6. Why do you want to further your education and expand your teaching potential at I.AM.YOU.?

    Please send answers to training@iamyoustudio.com

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    Imparare. to Learn.

    I once had a teacher by the name of Mr. Zucca. Mr. Zucca was an Italo-American brilliant scientist, who waved his hands in the air as he spoke and animated everything he taught. In seventh grade we were studying insects with Mr. Zucca, and in fact had to collect 100 specimens with these little white nets, lay them to rest in empty jars laced with nail polish remover, and prepare them for presentation. Ah California before the surge of eco non-profits….

    One day in class we all had our nets, ready to go catching during break, and I happened to move mine from in front of Desiree to behind Ryan, so we would have more room for our books and to take notes (ocd already?). Mr Zucca saw my net in the air, and punished me with 350 lines – yes, the old school lines some of you may not even know – of “I will not wave my white insect collecting net in the air for fear of hurting someone’s eye.” Cazzo! The exercise was meant, I suppose, to make me learn something about etiquette in a classroom. But in reality, I learned nothing (sorry Mr. Z). So how do we learn?

    The biochemistry of learning is fascinating, and too long to explain in today’s blog, but the capacity to learn, or imparare in Italian as Mr. Zucca actually taught me, is quite emotional, and based as much in the subtle, intangible body, as in the physical, gross body. To learn, you have to be ready to learn. To be ready to learn, you have to be open to learn-ing. To be open to learning, you have to be ready to listen. To be ready to listen, you have to be able to cultivate or enjoy some silence.

    Yoga in its true form is the best tool for learning there is. In fact, it was created thousands of years ago to help take ancient philosophers to the next level of learning, to the utmost level of understanding, and from there, their total selves. With a combination of physical postures to quell gross body aches and pains, breathing practices to cleanse the body and mind, and meditation to focus the entire unit, Yoga literally creates a vessel for learning. It turns the physical you you see in the mirror and attach a million labels to into something ready to absorb, process, focus, and capitalize everything coming your way, and turn it into something you want it to be. Something you maybe have learned you want it to be along the way.

    You see, Mr. Zucca intended the repetition of the lines to focus me in order to prepare me for further learning. But he missed creating the actual connection between the body and the mind, like a proper yoga class does. Or at least, that is what I ho imparato (have learned) since….

    for more on learning from me & I.AM.YOU.&rsquos trainee, Sheri, take a read

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    Did you know that I.AM.YOU. is training it’s next teacher?  That’s right!  Some of you have had the luxury of meeting Sheri Uslander, the smiling, chatty, and forever chipper gorgeous brunette around the studio, others will get your chance soon!  Here are her thoughts on learning, as she continues to learn the ins and out of I.AM.YOU., you, and teaching you….

    Every teacher, idol, mentor of mine has always fostered one thing in me- a thirst for knowledge.

    As a young, wide eyed undergraduate student, I studied accounting and continued on with a CPA.  Perhaps needless to say, the vibrancy of my thirst for knowledge for the exciting art of accounting was quenched after some years in the field, so I moved on, …to the NYSE. 

    While there, I realized my obsession with the physical (I was a D1 athlete), and since I.AM.YOU., yoga.  I decided to put fuel into the fire, and devoted all  my time not at work (and sometimes at work…) towards learning - learning yoga.  The philosophy of yoga, the anatomy of yoga, the teaching of yoga.   There was little time to sleep given my full time job, but my thirst kept me going.  I knew it was what I wanted to do, what I had to do.

    Fast forward to today, and I am a full time yoga teacher with two trainings under my belt,  and apprenticing at I.AM.YOU. full time.

    Crazy?  Maybe.  Happy?  Absolutely.   The biggest lesson I have learned in the past years?  The key to being amazing at whatever it is you do is to always be a student.

    It is imperative to continue expanding the mind.  In fact, recent studies on brain plasticity show that to it is essential to keeping the brain healthy.  From learning a new language, to studying a new art form, learning is the unique factor for continued mental health later.  But most importantly, by continuing to learn and develop yourself as a human being, you realize you are capable of much more than you anticipated, much more than you could have ever dreamed of.  A key lesson I have learned from I.AM.YOU. . –Sheri Uslander

    Sheri and I continue learning, taking workshops, trainings, and teachers classes in philosophy, anatomy, various forms of yoga, nutrition, and more, to make sure that we are always the students, and from there the teachers.  And in doing such, providing the I to the YOU. 

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