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    Avocado Toast vs Salmon Toast vs The Sandwich

    Lot of people around this weekend? With a few simple ingredients you can please them all, all with a side of greens and a massive does of healthy fats and omegas. Which is your fave?

    Avocado Toast (the Original California Way):

    -Toast some sourdough

    -Cut open an avocado and salt it

    -Slice, Top and Enjoy

    Salmon Toast

    -Toast fave bread

    -Mash up a cooked filet of salmon with red onion, celery, lemon juice, black pepper, sliced black olives, and mayo

    -Spread and Enjoy!

    The Sandwich

    -Avocado on one side

    -Salmon Salad on the other side

    -Lettuce and sliced onion for crunch in between

    -Old school fave with a massive omega kick.


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    Thank you to @yung_pueblo for this reminder. #RETOX

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    My babes. All lined up☺️Order your copy now so you have it for the long weekend & all those upcoming beach/park/sidewalk reads!! #RETOX goes with everything 🤘🏻get it @amazon @barnesandnoble or your local in need of support book store 💋 (at New York, New York)

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    💥YEAR 7💥RETOX💥It happened & hit #1 !!🍾 I couldn&rsquot believe it. I poured my heart, soul blood & SO MANY TEARS into this book. Tears of being told I would never get a book deal, that once I didn&rsquot I wouldn&rsquot be able to write it, that the press wouldn&rsquot receive it well, fk ups from the publishing team, or my favorite one, when someone I worked with told me after RETOX came out that it & I are a complete failure, and thus rationalized stealing my next idea & selling it to another publishing house with another author, all because I failed. Yes, that one caused tsunamis of tears 😭 But I did it- against all odds I wrote, designed, and created my first book baby all on my own, and in 4 languages.🌎🌏🌍The writing itself of it was awesome, as was the ideation. The 2 year process w/ the publishing house was a nightmare (they had the MY NAME SPELLED WRONG & TITLE of the book wrong on Amazon until the day it came out&hellip&hellip👽and that&rsquos just the start of it). The press was a blast and the BEST PART has been YOU- your emails, social pics, hugs, notes and support for and stories of how RETOX has affected you in ways I only dreamed it would. THANK YOU GRACIAS OBRIGADO DANKE from my & my #RETOX book babies. 💋📚❤🍾💥

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    🤓YEAR 6🤓🇬🇧LONDON🇬🇧The week after our honeymoon (yes! We finally got married!) my husband&rsquos work shipped us to London. I was panicked- not only had I lived there when I worked for Morgan Stanley & HATED It, but I had just signed my 1st BOOK DEAL with Penguin, and I had no idea how the whole Atlantic Ocean thing was going to play out. But, London was AMAZING and I got to write my book here, in my 1st official writing office in Notting Hill. My parents sent me my old globe, my husband got me the Cali 🏄🏽, & I meticulously picked out a desk that I felt would inspire me. The flowers were gifts from students, all of which are in the NYC studio now. I loved this office. It was mine, and now through my book, RETOX, partly yours. Pick up a copy in any of the languages if you haven&rsquot already - link in profile. And thank you to LIFE for ripping me out of my comfort zone & chucking me across the Ocean to REDEFINE & RECONSTRUCT my perceptions of myself, London, and my business in a whole new way. 🇬🇧 (at Notting Hill)

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