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    Avocado Toast vs Salmon Toast vs The Sandwich

    Lot of people around this weekend? With a few simple ingredients you can please them all, all with a side of greens and a massive does of healthy fats and omegas. Which is your fave?

    Avocado Toast (the Original California Way):

    -Toast some sourdough

    -Cut open an avocado and salt it

    -Slice, Top and Enjoy

    Salmon Toast

    -Toast fave bread

    -Mash up a cooked filet of salmon with red onion, celery, lemon juice, black pepper, sliced black olives, and mayo

    -Spread and Enjoy!

    The Sandwich

    -Avocado on one side

    -Salmon Salad on the other side

    -Lettuce and sliced onion for crunch in between

    -Old school fave with a massive omega kick.


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