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    Don’t worry about feeling fat - it happens to all of us.  Just try these #RETOX tips to help your mind and body feel and be the way you want them too. Order your copy of #RETOXbook now and we will send you a 3 Day Meal Plan, too.

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    Melon juices are my favorites, especially cantaloupe. Juice it or toss it in the ended with some water or straight up to start your day right. #iamyou #retox

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    The Morning Brigade:  The alarm goes off, I take deep stretch, assess how I am feeling and grasp for my phone.  Totally bad habit, I know.  After a quick scan of messages and exchange with my hubby who has left somewhere around sunrise, I get out of bed and get ready to hit it.  Shower, brush teeth, get dressed, and chug a large glass or two of water.  Nothing better to get your system started.  From there I scan the day&rsquos to-dos, and take a walk as I let the ideas simmer in my mind, ultimately ending up at the corner shop.  And then the decisions start - coffee or juice? Or both?

    At I.AM.YOU., as with #detoxtoretox and my upcoming book, RETOX, I do not think one is better than the other, or that either is fundamentally good, or bad for that matter.  Both have added nutritional and energetic benefits, and both have their harms.  So how do you know which to pick?

    Go for what feels right in that moment on that day.  Today I wanted both my body was asking for both.  I had a juice of cucumber, lemon, ginger, spinach, celery and parsley and a coffee with almond milk on the side.  It was perfection.

    Take the stress out of your morning and just do what your body craves.  The morning, before life&rsquos shenanigans take control, is when it knows itself best anyways.  Maybe that&rsquos coffee, maybe it&rsquos tea, maybe its a totally unkosher salad or like my grandmother is famous for, burger.  Let yourself have it and I assure you your day will be off to a fantabulous start.

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    May I strongly suggest strongly that you swap the juice for soup on these cold days. They are both liquified vegetables anyways. You need warm and cooked to be healthy and strong. Here tomato.

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    Make sure you take care of yourself! I have snacks of this orange carrot and ginger juice to keep me strong through chaotic indulgent times. Try it!

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