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    It&rsquos Monday. My to do list is 3x longer as it was last week and I feel like I&rsquove accomplished nothing but I&rsquom oddly not stressed. Then the subway driver thanked me for saying hello and acknowledging him, and I realized my path is not to accomplish things right now - it&rsquos to spread love.

    I spent the bulk of last week at the hospital caring after a friend & their family. I delivered clothes to a shelter. I counseled a loved one on a crisis. I took pictures of a grandmother so she didn&rsquot have to figure out how to selfie. I spoke to the subway driver. I made a surprise for my husband. And so much more.

    Accomplishment doesn&rsquot always have to be material. In fact, often the most rewarding accomplishments are energetic.

    Spending time spreading love and happiness will take you much farther than checking errands off a list. Trust me.

    Try spreading some love the #RETOX way this week. It is easier and more rewarding thank you think.

    Use #ispreadlove & let&rsquos really accomplish something together!

    #detox #detoxretox #yoga #laurenimparato #mindfulness #meditation #detoxtoretox #love #howithrive (at New York, New York)

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