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    I am many things, but tech geek is definitely not one of them.  I only have 7 aps on my iPhone, which I only got a few months ago, and care much more to read a paper paper than one on my newsstand.  I didn’t have a facebook account until a generous I.AM.YOU.ers spent the time making one for me, and explaining why I had to be on all the realms, and well…I’d rather run around.That said, sometimes I look up and realize I have just been lost in my iphone, usually on social media, for 2, 5, 10 and even more minutes.  At which point I have to ask myself – what in the world have I been focusing on?!

    Drishti in Sanskrit means focus or gazing point.  It stems from the with the roots drish, meaning to see, drishau,meaning the eye, and drishtah, meaning observed.   In that, drishti refers to our external gazing points, such as where I eyes physically wander in a yoga class or while in a yoga asana, but also to our internal gazing points.  This latter meaning of the word is the most challenging part of true yoga, and in that, life.

    We create our own focus points – me and you.  You make them, shape them, and take them wherever you want to. Which begs the inevitable question – where do you want to focus? 

    To find out, take a moment and see where your internal gaze is…. Is it on your colleague who you can’t stand, or on a guy that may or may not call?  Is it on a fight you had last week or on your friend who got some great news?  Or is your internal drishti stuck on the own circles and iterations of your own mind?

    If you can figure out where you are truly looking, then you can teach yourself how to see.  And when you accomplish that, you can learn how to see everything you dreamed of.  True Sight. True Focus. True Yoga. True YOU.  

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