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    Do You Beat Yourself Up? I do.

    Well here’s a perhaps obvious confession: I am a perfectionist. A typeA perfectionist, to be precise, for as long as I can remember. Back when I was a kid, if my homework papers were messy I would rip out the page of the notebook, fiercely crumple it up, and start fresh, even if the answers were right. I pluck my eyebrows every day, and am meticulous about my words, work, and actions.

    This is the perfectionist me. Good, sure, but it also comes with a huge downside — beating myself up.

    I am the hardest person on myself you can ever imagine. I take the blame for other people’s mistakes and even worse, blame myself for everything that goes wrong- the weather on a special weekend or non ripe tomatoes for a sauce- even if it is not wrong at all, just simply not perfect.

    I am me, yes. But I also need to love me. Not just the get sht done, do it well, help other people me, but the me that has trials and tribulations, ups and downs, tears and laughs, fk ups and victories, burnt toast and epic lasagna.

    I am me. I love me.

    If you have ever been hard on yourself or beat yourself up, say it with me:


    Share your moment of love (instead of beating yourself up) with us by tagging @iamyoustudio & #RETOXSelfLove on social and let’s embrace and love ourselves from the inside, out & outside, in. Type A to type Z and everything in between.

    Sending Kisses of Love,


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    Do you need some love today? I.AM.YOU. is here for you.  So is Odessa.

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    Just Try.

    In trying one day you will.
    Even if you don’t see it now.

    Use the main elements of I.AM.YOU. yoga to help encourage you:

    1. The POSES. The poses serve as an exterior, tangible reflection and reminder of how quickly we can, just by trying. When I started yoga I could not even touch my knees, let alone my toes, and now I can do the splits and more. If you try, and try again, you will be able to do it… one day. I promise.

    2. The SWEAT. I.AM.YOU. classes are hard, intentionally. I do that so that you realize how strong you already are. You just need to try, give it your all, and you will succeed. You may be drippin after, but hey, that’s even more reason for a #detoxtoretox refreshment.

    3. THE BREATH. All you have to do is breathe. That’s it. If you try and just do that, you will notice changes in your mind, body, and life, ones that will come from your inner you, to your thoughts, to your mind.

    4. THE MUSIC. We use a diversity of genres to expose our senses, and thus mind, to new things, ones maybe we never knew, or we never knew we liked. By opening ourselves up to new musical possibilities, we open ourselves up to new physical and life possibilities. It’s that simple.

    So there you go. Just give it a try this week. Whatever it is that has you hesitant, scared, or confused. One step at a time and you WILL get there.


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    Help!  Let music, and the Beatles help you and everyone around you this perfect day.  Everyone will appreciate it.


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