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    2 minute meal: sautée kale with olive oil, garlic, and red chili flakes (optional). Dice an avocado and enjoy.

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    I am going to let you in on a little secret …. Beef isn’t actually bad for you. Especially if eaten in proportion to vegetables and organic, grass fed. In fact, beef provides imperative - ie super necessary - vitamins and minerals that we cannot absorb via vitamins.

    While I was a vegetarian (7 Wall Street years of no animal meat or products), I got sick all the time and suffered various random health issues, none pleasant. Since I have incorporated organic red meat regularly into my diet I am healthier and stronger than ever.

    Here is a great recipe that is easy, tasty and quick… And that allows you to use red meat as a garnish for the vitamins it has, or as an indulgence for the taste and feeling it gives.

    -warm olive oil in a large saucepan or pot.
    -dice an organic grass fed cut of sirloin into small bits
    -put in the meat in a pan with one diced white onion, 3 diced carrots, and 3 diced stalks of celery
    -add spices to your liking, here a pinch of salt, 6 turns fresh ground pepper, 2 dried hot red peppers.
    -cover with a lid and let cook
    -stir occasionally to shred the meat more finely or leave as is - decide based on what you have to do while it is cooking
    -when beef is cooked to your taste, serve as is with a side of spinach, cooked veggies or salad … Or over pasta, quinoa or rice and ENJOY!

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    Summer Quinoa!  In a pan sautee mushrooms, red onion, peas, green garbanzos, and regular garbanzos with olive oil.  When veggies are soft add cooked quinoa.  Season with hot chili flakes (optional).  Stir until quinoa is warm seasoning and veggies are dispersed.  Serve on a bed of baby spinach drizzled with lemon juice.  Surround with half an avocado, sliced.  hint: to save time buy the quinoa pre cooked and veggies pre chopped.  turns this into a 5 minute meal.  Enjoy!

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    Perfect summer snack or meal: Bibb lettuce, avocado, olive oil & red wine vinegar topped with crumbled blue corn chips.

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    1. Salmon Salad Crostini.  Omegas and Protein while still fun.  Recipe Here

    2. Popcorn.  Easily pickable, and with 1/5 of the calories and fat.  Pop fresh or buy pre-made with olive oil and salt.

    3. Avocado Toast:  Toast good quality bread, sliced avocado, olive oil, hot flakes.  More well rounded than chips and guac and will save you from ODing.

    Have Fun!

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