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    &ldquoTo live a long life base your diet on bread, wine, vegetables and happiness. Ask for what you want but take only what you need. And always stand your ground and defend who you are and what you believe in.&rdquo #RETOX Lessons from Catalunya for you today from me and my new bestie.
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    Wanna Have a Great Day, every day?

    I don&rsquot know about you, but I love having GREAT days.  Not ok days, not good days, definitely not bad days, but ecstatically happy, energetic, great days.

    There are a litany of wellness blogs on how to do this, but I want to share with you my one, very simple, down and dirty #RETOX tip for having that day you dream of, every day.  Just wake up in the morning and say:

    Thank you, Life.

    Thank you, life, for being alive.  Thank you, life, for being able to breathe.  Thank you, life for this wonderful opportunity to live.  Thank you, life.

    If you wake up and say thanks, or even go to bed or walk down the street giving thanks for this amazing experience and infinite opportunity we have, then you will be start having a great day, every day.  It&rsquos a #RETOX promise.




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    Shift Your Energy

    I was on my third airplane flight last week, a little, how do we say, not into it, when over the PA system I hear the steward call out - &ldquoAre you smiling with me? Are you ready for fun? Say Hoorah with me! Hoorah! Say Hoorah with me! Hoorah!&rdquo He continued on like this for the next three hours, joking around, sometimes throwing in some trivia, always asking for the entire plane to call out hoorah! It was a little nuts, and at first almost no one played along, clearly too grumpy and cool for it all. But by the time we landed and he asked for the final &lsquoHoorah!,&rsquo rows 1-35 got involved, and we all got off the plane smiling and bubbling with energy. Adam from JetBlue shifted our energy, just like yoga was designed to shift yours.

    Yoga is a practice of shifts, often subtle, always impactful. It is not about nailing the handstand or becoming more flexible, although both can engender great party tricks, but rather about creating your ideal you, starting on the inside with the mind, and from there your energy, body, life, and world.

    At I.AM.YOU. we use the poses to remind us that every day, and every moment of every day, our bodies are different. We rock out to music to inspire us to listen to new sounds. We use food to fuel and heal. We set dedications as a beacons to guide us in case we feel uninspired or stray along the way, and apply the breathe to connect it all.

    Join me this week in some Hoorah-ing, literal and figurative, and I promise to take you on a sweaty, ecstatic, fun flight into you.

    Xx, lauren imparato

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    Use the muscle of your mind to be happy. That&rsquos #retox

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    BE YOU.

    It&rsquos no secret that the best way to succeed is to be you. The question becomes nowadays - how can you find ways to actually be you, within the context of the modern lives we all lead?  I started to address this topic a post last month,  and I&rsquoll get to it in RETOX as well. But for now I&rsquoll say this &hellip

    Go for what feels right in that moment on that day. That may mean sweating it out, lazing around, chowing down, diving into a project or just staring into space. You need all of it to be you because it is you. That&rsquos what I.AM.YOU. is all about.

    Don&rsquot hesitate don&rsquot judge. Just be you!

    XX from me,

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