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    There is an all encompassing power, one that is absolute & also diverse. In that nexus lies your true power: the understating that there is not just one way. #RETOX #RETOXbook www.retoxbook.com

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    Tips for Starting an At Home Yoga Practice

    I started practicing yoga at home for the simplest of reasons: It was my only option.

    You see, right after I discovered yoga, I had to move to London for work. I&rsquod just given up running entirely to practice yoga seven days a week, and I&rsquod never felt better. When I arrived in London though, I realized that my basement apartment did not have a yoga studio within 30 minutes of it, and my job had me working around the clock. I feared that I would be yoga-less, which signaled a major predicament for me. Sure, I could run along the Thames or in the parks, but I knew that it would nevermake me feel as good as yoga did. So I asked myself whether I could still keep yoga as part of my everyday routine.

    Envisioning my life without yoga, I called my boyfriend back in NYC. He heard how immensely stressed out I was but simply said, &ldquoFigure it out.&rdquo I wish he could have seen the resentful look on my face thousands of miles away. But you know what? He was right.

    They key to starting a self-practice is, in fact, just figuring it out. I had been to enough yoga classes and had a good enough (muscular and mental) memory to recall more or less the general structure of the classes I was attending. So I did it, but not without some research as well as some trail and error. The end result was sweaty satisfaction. My practice may not have been perfect each time, but it was definitely close enough. And ultimately, it led me to become a yoga instructor.

    Here are my tips for creating an inspirational yoga place for your at-home practice:

    1. Treat your mat with care.

    I&rsquom not saying that your mat is holy, but it is the place upon which you will perform a powerful practice. Get a mat that you love. When you are done with it, clean it, roll it up or fold it nicely and put it away in a special place. Your mat will resemble your practice.

    2. Pick a spot you love, but don’t get tied to it.

    Every day has a different energy, as does every part of your home. Don’t just practice in one spot. Instead pick the place that&rsquos calling you on that particular day, even if it means moving the coffee table and couch to the side.

    3. Relish in the light.

    Consider the direction you&rsquore facing on your mat. Will you be facing toward the window at the blue sky or into your messy closet? Everything around you will affect your practice, so adjust accordingly.

    4. Rock out.

    Music is a huge aspect of everything because of its power to uplift and inspire us from the inside-out, just like yoga. Pick a playlist or album that you are feeling.

    5. Be a diva.

    If the place, music, or even outfit doesn’t work that day, take a minute to go and change it. Give yourself what you need to feel good.
    Remember not to worry about messing up. Just have fun!

    Remember to download your at home videos here: www.iamyoustudio.com/yogavideo

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    All about POWER this week. Try this #RETOX Session to harness yours.

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    Weekend prep #RETOX style. www.retoxbook.com

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    Wanna Have a Great Day, every day?

    I don&rsquot know about you, but I love having GREAT days.  Not ok days, not good days, definitely not bad days, but ecstatically happy, energetic, great days.

    There are a litany of wellness blogs on how to do this, but I want to share with you my one, very simple, down and dirty #RETOX tip for having that day you dream of, every day.  Just wake up in the morning and say:

    Thank you, Life.

    Thank you, life, for being alive.  Thank you, life, for being able to breathe.  Thank you, life for this wonderful opportunity to live.  Thank you, life.

    If you wake up and say thanks, or even go to bed or walk down the street giving thanks for this amazing experience and infinite opportunity we have, then you will be start having a great day, every day.  It&rsquos a #RETOX promise.




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