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    Disconnect to reconnect. Rest this weekend and you will find all your true you. #retox

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    I.AM.YOU. - when I started the #iamyou movement I never intended to show my face. I wanted the power & virtue to be extracted out of the concept that I am you, you are me, we are all one. Behind all of you is someone that makes you stronger, and another dozens “me’s” that comprise the one you that you truly are. Embrace all of you, and everyone who makes you better, every day. Here Jen helping me at the #retox photo shoot last week. Total ❤️💪❤️💪

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    Winter Sautée:
    Dice one white onion and add to pan on medium heat with olive oil.
    Add a handful of cut small tomatoes.
    Optionally add one sliced hot pepper.
    Next add one bunch kale & one bag baby spinach. Cover with lid until soft,
    Add 4 sliced zucchinis & stir.
    Last add a bag of peas.
    Stir and let cook Til all is soft.

    Enjoy as main or side, over pasta, rice or alone!

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    Your Shopping List - right here!

    If you keep these things in your kitchen you will never stress about what to eat again….  Because, let’s be honest, cooking in modern, urban environments is not necessarily a piece of cake.  In fact, it can often be a confusing, expensive, tiring pain in the …… Which is why I am here to help.  Here is a list of things I keep in the kitchen, so that I can make any of my 10 minute meals on the fly, without mess or hassle, but full of goodness, nutrients, and relaxing hotness inside and out.

    Baby Spinach, 1 large box
    Tomatoes, box of baby or 1 large
    Corn Tortillas
    Red Leaf Lettuce
    Broccoli, fresh or frozen
    Tomato Soup, Organic Pre Made
    Eggs, organic cage free
    Quinoa, prepared or dry
    Pepper, black and red
    Onion, white or red
    Garlic, pre peeled
    Olive Oil
    Balsamic Vinegar

    These items can be re worked into a myriad of different meals and snacks, as you can see here, and do not go bad easily.. so you can buy them once every couple weeks and be good to go!  Happy eating!

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    Go paint life with new colors.  Little Tiger Striped Sky for you from us & Roo Panes xx

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