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    Do what you want.  Give it a whirl. Radiohead, Lotus Flower.

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    Go out on a limb at home today. !st two lines 1 breath each.  Next 3 lines hold 5-10 breaths each pose #iamyou  #Retox style.

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    Make sure you add a rainbow of veggie flavor to up your life immunity.

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    Going Out On A Limb to YOU

    Sometimes you just need to go there.  Go to that place where you do not want to go, where you are sure you do not belong, that is absolutely not for you.  The place you know you will look borderline ridiculous, probably giggle with self conscious nerves, or hide from sub conscious embarrassment.   

    Yoga was very much that place for me.  I could not touch my toes, was utterly inflexible, and always wore big mesh basketball clothes when I went to work out, something you will read more about in my upcoming book.  Yet I went once, and then again, and again, and again, initially simply to prove myself wrong.  Low and behold, I got addicted. 

    It was the best decision I ever made.

    Forcing yourself past where you are comfortable is where you discover your true you.  For some of us it is yoga, for others dance, others writing, speaking, art, motherhood, math, you name it.  It is in that place you do not want to go that the going gets good.

    Go out on a limb and you may get an incredible new view of you. 

    Trust me.



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    Float to fly. Rest to rage. Breathe to live. #retox dec 2015 . Full yoga class At home videos 50% off w/ code SHS15 on Sundays via www.iamyoustudio.com/yogavideo

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