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    I find gratitude to be quite an esoteric word, despite my total accordance with it. What I find to be far more palpable, tangible, and real, though, is something so simple, it is easy to forget: Give thanks for what you have been given.

    Give thanks for what you have been given.
    Your body. Your muscles. Your organs. Your skin. Your mind. Your thoughts. Your health. Your job. Your freedom. Your friends. Your family. Your food. Your palate. Your ability to hear music. Your ability to breathe. Your ability to see. Your ability to move. Your ability to think. The roof over your head. The gadget in front of you. The life you have been given to live.

    Even on the most dreadful of days you can likely give thanks for at least one, if not all, of these. But it can be so easy to forget easy to forget what we have been given, and focus, instead, on what we do not have.

    So today, and this week, take a step back, and cast aside what you want and what you do not have. Instead take a moment to simply give thanks for what you have been given.

    Chances are that in doing so your inside you, and the people around you, will be giving thanks that you did.

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    Add just one of these in a day and you will be ready for anything- and to eat anything too :)

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    Tips for Travel Anxiety:

    Yes, you have to get on that plane, sit in traffic, or bobble down the train.  It is often part of the reality of the holidays these days, and that’s ok.  Here are 4 tips to get you to your destination serenely, with a dash of hot and happy as well.

    1. Pack the Night before.  Packing the day of, although it seems to be efficient, adds to mental clutter and stress.  Pack it up before you go to bed the eve before you leave and you will instantly reduce your stress levels.

    2.  Go Green.  Make sure you load up with greens the day before you travel.  This will make you feel better, mentally and actually, about the travel.

    3. Do 5-15 minutes of yoga wherever you are.  Audio classes on itunes (artist I.AM.YOU. studio) and video classes here: www.IAMYOUstudio.com/yogavideo)

    4.  Look at it as time for yourself.  Once you get on the plane or train, try and put yourself in a bubble and take advantage of the rare time for yourself.  read, binge on your favorite scandalous series, or just stare into space.

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    Time for the weekend! www.IAMYOUstudio.com/yogavideo for your at home warmth weekend fun yoga. xx, lauren

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    Anger vs Happiness

    Why be upset when you can be not upset? Do you really like being stressed and angry? I definitely do not.

    We have a choice in how we perceive and respond to every single thing around us. When something goes wrong, which, let’s be honest, happens all the time, we can either get viciously angry, and in doing so probably ruin the rest of our day…. OR … we can decide to mitigate the anger, and react in a more tempered way. I am not saying to ignore the issue at hand - that’s just stereo-typical yoga babble. What I am suggesting is that you take the issue and come at it from another angle. After all, one second of anger is one second less of happiness.

    Wanna try with me?


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