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    Its Monday. You want pasta but you want To be &ldquohealthy.&rdquo You don&rsquot want to cook but you want a homemade meal - enter my #RETOX PESTO AL CALIFORNIANO ! This is a take on a famed Italian northern pasta dish but takes out the potatoes and needless fillers and uses my Pesto recipe which is full of omegas, protein and taste without all the oil.

    1. Add two cloves of garlic and ½ a white onion to a pan with olive oil. Let simmer until soft.
    2. When onion is translucent add a cup of baby tomatoes cut in half and a dash of salt. Stir and let simmer on medium.
    3. Now add 3 large zucchinis cut in thin rings. Stir, add drizzle more of olive oil and dash of salt, and let cook.
    4. While the zucchini &ldquopasta&rdquo is cooking make the pesto! Recipe is the last post on the blog and uses two awesome secrets to make a much healthier and easily digest ale version of this famed Italian sauce.
    5. When zucchini is soft, mix it in a bowl with the pesto. Optionally sprinkle with Parmesan and fresh basil and enjoy!
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    💫I.AM.YOU.💫 what a weekend. Jackie, Jaz, Persiana & about another dozen missing here but I had to close Sunday with a post of the #RETOX unconditional love ❤see you this week at the studio or virtually on RETOX.yoga 💪🏻💋❤#yoga #nyc #nycyoga #family (at New York, New York)

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    4 Tips to Avoid a Thanksgiving Blowup

    We all know that tensions are high, resent and anger, deep.  Emotions across all spectrums are running akin to “unbridled children,” as Shakespeare said, and we may not realize is how low our empathy actually is.   The combination could set you up for a perfect storm over the Thanksgiving table on Thursday, especially if you suspect, or know, a loved one differs in political views, or (hold your breath) voted for someone you do not support.

    I have been asked repeatedly over the past weeks how to manage differing family political views, how to muster the strength (or tranquility) to go home for Thanksgiving, and above all, how to sit at the holiday table this year and not lose it.

    Here are my four #RETOX tips for avoiding a Holiday blowup and, maybe, even becoming more tranquil yourself:

    1. Learn to Listen.

    Listening is a good thing.  In fact, it is everything.  This campaign and election have somehow let us forget that.  Listening does not mean hearing listening means no interrupting, no making a list of reasons you disagree with who is talking, no planning your retort or next comment, no taking over the conversation.  Instead, actually listen to whatever is being said, and in doing so give your brain a moment to step out of fight or flight mode and dare I say, respect someone you love’s opinion, which like it or not, is as valid as your own.

    2. Take a Deep Breath.

    That said, listening can be challenging, especially these days.  If you find yourself itching to talk back, interrupt, or speak up while someone else is talking, straight up stop yourself, close your mouth, and take a big inhale through your nose.  Pause.  Exhale.  Repeat.  Inhale, exhale, repeat. Inhale, exhale, repeat. You may need to hide in the bathroom to do this.. Just go to Meditate.NYC in your browser if you do and download a free 1 Minute RETOX breathe and meditation exercise to get you back on track.

    3. Go For a Walk.

    Movement encourages endorphins and serotonin – i.e. the natural happy drugs.  Make a point to move and think about it as a natural shot of tequila.  Go for a walk before or after the meal, shoot some hoops, toss a football around… whatever it is that gets you moving.  Perhaps you step outside to move alone, but maybe, just maybe, you will see that person you were itching to argue with come toss the ball around with you.  Worst case you start punching something…

    4. Make Space for Healing.

    Whether you realize it or not, your body innately does not want to fight or be angry.  Yet, uncertainty leads to a feeling of being threatened, which encourages defensiveness, which in turn spurns aggressivity and anger.  This trajectory can lead you to feel immobilized, angry, defensive, fragile, and even sad and can cause that blowup you so want to avoid.  The thing is, your body and mind want to be healed, as do those of your family members’.  Let both of you heal by letting each other be heard.  Listen. Breathe. Move.  And from there create the space to heal together… or at least the impetus go take that shot hidden in the kitchen and heal from there.    

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    “Life is learning and learning is life.”

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    &lsquoFamily & People are the most important investments,&rsquo I heard this weekend while speaking at Harvard Business School.  Please meet the I.AM.YOU. family.

    Myself, upper left. You know me in some capacity already :). Li, our killer Wednesday teacher, ex-ballerina trader (yes, possible) now Conde Naste programming junkie.  Be, our March Tuesday teacher & sub, as well behind the scenes I.AM.YOU. Operational Manager (and let me say that managing every thought, idea and project out of my brain is NO joke).  And our Resident Mixologist, the genius behind the beats that keep us going on the mat and on the streets.  

    Together we are a team, and with YOU we are a lifestyle, the I.AM.YOU. lifestyle of funky, efficient, cool, REAL approached to yoga, health, and wellness.  Thanks to ALL our family members across the globe!

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