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    ⛈YEAR 4⛈B-Chy Burn Out. 2013. At this point I was teaching 30 classes a week, had cleaned over 15,000 mats on my hands & knees, was doing ALL of my studio management, PR, bookkeeping, content creation, web management, oh and TEACHING, learning and breathing on my own. And it was WAY TOO MUCH. But the new website and app had put me in an economic pinch and I had to work my way out of it (not call my parents or, yes, the still boyfriend) for 💰. So I worked and I worked and I worked, first class at 5am, last class ending at 830pm (pre clean up) 5 days a week with just 2 classes on Saturday. I ultimately had a melt down over a beer (another story in my book, RETOX) and began the process of scaling back but did make all the economics work all on my own which I am incredibly proud of. There is a romanticism to working in wellness/yoga/entrepreneurship which is sort of BS if you actually have to make ends meet. I pushed through but learned that when overworked I am no where near my best self, for me or anyone, but no one can take doing it on your own and fighting through the tough times away from you #RETOX #laurenimparato #wallstreettowellness (at New York, New York)

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