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    Shake it off #RETOX style. Tomorrow 1030 NYC. ANYHWERE online RETOX.YOGA for vids + our famed music on @spotify .Join me!

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    RETOX (v): Becoming Your Best You.

    Detox (verb): Abstaining from unhealthy substances.  Living confined.

    Retox (verb): Adding in healthy substances to be successful, healthy, happy.

    Detox detox detox.  How many times do you hear this word, re read it, maybe even use it… jumping on board out of some societal or self imposed guilt?  We all have at least once, because for some reason detoxing is considered the way to greatness.  The thing is, your body KNOWS how to cleanse itself. It was built precisely to do so.  Yet, over and over again, we strap ourselves up, lock ourselves in, and strip ourselves down.  Even though all we want is to be happy, healthy, and free…..

    By its very nature detoxing implies a lack of freedom.  Retox, on the other hand, is all about living.

    RETOX is about adding things in that will make you strong in body, mind and life.  It is about harnessing all you and the world have to offer, and then adding a splash of simple, straight-up doable tips and solutions to make it all even better. It isn’t about depriving or regulating yourself or your lifestyle like detoxing mandates but instead about embracing it all and flourishing within it. RETOX is about freedom and actual down and dirty true happiness.

    When you RETOX you become the best you you can be, from the inside, out, and outside, in, all while living your real, actual life, no matter what life throws you.  We have enough stress and demands on us as it is – why add more via some strict, dogmatic detox doctrine? Why not, instead, just live?

    RETOX is about accepting the chaos of the modern world around you and implementing the tools to not only manage it all, but thrive within it, becoming truly successful inside and out.  It doesn’t require you to spend hundreds of dollars on juice, wake up at 4 am to meditate, quit your job, or ignore your family and social life.  RETOX takes that all into account, because that is life, and just gives you the skills and secrets to keep it all together and kick ass within that context.  As I say in my book, RETOX, “Retox does not change your world it makes you better within it.”

    RETOX uses yoga, nourishment, mindset and music, or if you prefer, breath, movement, food, thought, and sound.  SO simple, so easy, and so free.  30 seconds of yoga at your desk here, one minute of a Retox Shot of meditation there, a food you can pick up at any deli, restaurant or cafeteria, and well, my friends, you are retoxing.  RETOX is a solution that is timeless, efficient, and functional.  A solution based on science, anatomy, psychology, philosophy, biochemistry, and the life we really lead.

    RETOX is a transformation, a rethinking, reforming, reinventing, reconstructing of who you are and how you can truly be, inside and out.  It is about detoxing the past methods that have not worked or that are too demanding to every be considering permanently realistic, and then adding in new ways to be the best you you can be smack dab in the middle of the life you really lead.  It goes to the essence of what living is about – it is living itself.

    We all want to be happy, healthy, strong, successful, and free. We all want a family, love life, killer career, and awesome bod. Yet this detox rage has lead us to think that we can only have these things by investing a ton of time, emotional energy, and money to get there.  Which, lets be honest, few of us have an excess of.  With retox you don’t have to do that.  All you have to do is BE YOU, live your life, and add in these simple tools.

    Detox is over my friends.  It’s time now for the RETOX revolution.  Rest to rage. Mediate to work. Breathe to energize. Eat to flourish. Sweat to focus.  Sleep to party. RETOX TO LIVE.

    In the name of RETOX & LIVING,


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    3 Ways to Get Clean from the Inside, Out

    You know what I find pretty funny and even ironic? People on juice cleanses that are angry and stressed out!

    There are two types of toxins — the tangible and intangible ones. Tangible toxins come in various forms, all related to what we physically put into our body. These encompass everything from alcohol and processed foods, to pollution, chocolate, chemicals and more. Western society obsesses over these toxins, which generally result in painful fasts and cleanses, and elimination of viable food sources that have been a part of our diet for centuries.

    Intangible toxins come in the form of emotions — anger, stress, worry, grief, sadness and even extreme excitement. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, each of these emotions is processed by a specific organ. For example, stress is associated with the liver, fear is found in the kidneys, and worry in the spleen. These emotions are are equally toxic to our system.

    So when someone is juice fasting to &ldquoget clean&rdquo — meaning they are attempting to eliminate physical toxins from their system — but they&rsquore stressed or angry because let&rsquos face it, they&rsquore really just starving, then they are actually adding emotional toxins to their body.

    Therefore, no real advancement in the cleanse has been made and they are just starving themselves for no effective reason.

    Even if you eliminate all the physical toxins from your diet and surroundings (which by the way, is impossible), you can still be creating toxins within your mind. These toxins, intangible as they may be, will equally affect your tangible physical body. Juicing alone is simply not the solution.

    Yoga focuses on both the tangible and intangible toxins. We use the poses to sweat out, wring out and detox the physical system. We use controlled, regulated breathing, dedication and movement, as a meditation to manage creation and elimination of toxins in the subtle, interior body and mind. When done correctly, this combination is far more effective than consuming nothing more than six juices a day, and way more tasty and satisfying as well.

    Here are three simple tips to keep your entire system clean and toxin-free juicing not required.

    1. Chill out.

    Not in your career or your adventurous life per se, and certainly not as a sloth on the couch. Chill out in your mind. Meditate. Remember that whatever you are feeling or experiencing is transient and that it too, shall pass.

    2. Eat normally.

    Normally as in, what is normal for the Homo sapiens we have evolved to be over thousands of years. Generally speaking, over 60% vegetables is optimal, with 20% clean fish and lean meats, and 20% other — including any of those other things that you may like.

    3. Sweat.

    Breaking a sweat is so crucial to keeping the organs and your entire system in tip-top shape, to ward off any unnecessary toxins. Just a few minutes of cardio a day, or a selection of rigorous, detoxifying yoga poses can be highly beneficial to your overall health.

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    The Scottie Pippen Pivot

    It is no secret that I love basketball. Michael Jordan still reins my number one idol, and with him all the Bulls&rsquo teammates. Back when I was a kid I wanted to be them so very much. Before we had a basketball hoop in the backyard, I made a makeshift, 8 foot one using a gap in the wood of the overhang of our California ranch patio terrace. I used to practice my rebounds on the back of the chimney, only once cracking the living room window, and while Mom cooked dinner, I would practice my pivots.

    There on the white linoleum kitchen floor, I would stamp my foot on one of the quasi tiles and pivot around in circles, trying to emulate Scottie Pippen making the room to give Jordan an assist. I would spin around and around, holding a bushel of grapes or the bag of potatoes my mom was soon to peel, then switch to the other foot and do it all again. The thing is, my legs have always been long, and our kitchen was anything but wide. But it didn&rsquot matter I don&rsquot think I ever noticed. I had the space to maneuver in my mind.

    Pivots are a vital element to success. Without them it is impossible to keep going, let alone with positive inertia. Yet when life presents us with challenges that demand a change, we often completely forget that we have the pivot as an option. Instead we freeze, digging our heals deeper into the court, running down our personal energetic clock until someone or something comes in and blows the whistle.

    I.AM.YOU. and the upcoming RETOX provide you the tools and inspiration to help you pivot, no matter what that may imply in your own personal, career, health, familial or social life. Use our yoga to remind you that your body can, and does change, every day. Use the dedication to keep you focused on the goal. Use the nourishment to fuel you, and the mindset to inspire you.
    Together they are your keys to successful shifts, and success as a whole, whatever that means for you.

    Pivots aren&rsquot bad - they are a fun secrete weapon that will likely lead to a slam dunk. Try one with me where very you are, no matter what the reason. Even if it is just for the pure uni-brow Tom boy nostalgia to get up and pivot I have now.

    Ready to pivot with you.

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    NO PAIN NO GAIN. (aka the key to success)

    Have you ever heard of Pacific Sunwear?  It was sort of my mecca for clothing back when I was a uni-brow, tomboy-ed teen.  On half days from school, we would stroll around Stanford mall in our Catholic school uniforms, ultimately arriving at this Tshirt and baggy short haven.  Stussy, Billabong, Quicksilver, No Fear and more – all in XLs of course.  My prized T from there said something very simple on the back: No Pain No Gain. 

     Although I no longer have the shirt, the message travels with me every day, and suprisingly pulls from the original yoga texts written thousands of years ago.  No Pain, No Gain is most closely translated to tapas in Sanskrit and yoga philosophy.  Tapas is an intense dedication, a repeated effort to succeed.  It is an understanding and willingness to undertake a level of temporary suffering to achieve a goal.  Tapas is No Pain No Gain.

    So this week, as you take on all that life throws you, from b*%*y bosses to bad weather to whiny kids to rude significant others to all the other wonderfulness that is real life itself, just remind yourself that it is all small, momentary pain so that you can achieve whatever your heart, body, and mind dream of.  I’ll do it with you.



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