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    Don’t you ever forget it. 🙌Retoxbook.com #RETOX #IAMYOU
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    For the Love of Pasta, and Self

    Italia is the #RETOX holy ground.  Pasta, pastries, coffee, pizza, shoes, purses, perma-tans &hellip and then that whole swagger they have&hellip. La Dolce Vita. They just GET it.

    My love for the Italians runs deep, and my respect for them grew further this week when I was researching the origins of Valentines.  Valentines come from the Latin root, valens, which means strong and healthy.  Not champagne and chocolate, or lingerie and roses, but strong and healthy.  Could it be more #RETOX?!

    If you are anything like me, you feel strongest and healthiest when you are fired up about something you have done, or something you have accomplished. Essentially, when you are shedding some love on and for yourself.  And when you are down in the dumps, micro-analyzing or blaming yourself for something, you feel weak in every and all ways.

    Self love is that link between strength and health, happiness and success.  It is the secret sauce to loving yourself and life, inside and out, outside and in.  Without it, you will never truly be, let alone feel, like you can, and are crushing it.  

    Join me in strength, health and self love by sharing yours with #RETOXselflove on social and let&rsquos create our own swagger. RETOX style. Si?

    Tanti Baci.

    Lauren Imparato

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    I&rsquove been hated on for being too happy & optimistic many a time. But it&rsquos my nature my sister even calls me a &lsquogolden retriever&rsquo. I tend to see the positive, that infamous full glass, in almost every situation. That said, I am human. And lately I have been struggling to consistently hold on to that optimism for more than a quick second. I didn&rsquot even realize it was happening until last week, when after a gangbusters day of press, helping people, and seeing my book baby RETOX placed at the same level to as giants @tonyrobbins @timferriss @ariannahuff and I had little reaction. In fact, the little reaction I had was that I have failed. Which, the golden retriever in me knows is silly, but the other part of me was fighting to wallow in. So what did I do? Did I #meditate ? No. I know enough scientifically to know that meditation can often make depression more intense and worse. Did I suit up for a RETOX #yoga sweat? Yes. That always makes everything better. But what REALLY made the difference was totally coincidentally running into this on the floor of @ironsideoyster . It was just there like an apparition, a sign from the gods of golden retrievers and optimism to get my head out of me a!*s and to be me, see me, enjoy me. To not search for the empty but relish in the full. To not embellish the tragedy but rejoice in the reality. To thrive in the optimism that is innate in all of us and is just waiting for us to let shine. Optimism does not come easy to everyone- I know that. But it does exist for all of us, no mater how much you may have labeled yourself a non optimistic, happy person. Give yourself a break and let the beauty of life reveal the optimism inside of you. Just let it take over. I did again, because of this simple little sign, and let me tell you, it feels f*!n great. ☀️, Lauren #RETOX (at I.AM.YOU. Studio)

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    Single? Or single lately? Don’t be sad, or blame them. Just try this routine and heal yourself from the inside out.

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    2 Steps to Overcome Hardships.

    I’m not going to lie … it has been a rough couple of weeks. Challenges, surprises, dramatic occurrences, and pretty much everything you can imagine in the realms of personal life, health, family and career. And in brutal honesty, I have not been consistently zen about it all (#momentsofborderlinehysteria) Maybe you can relate. But then, just a couple days ago, it all began to shift. In part because of my guardian angel and some luck, yes, but primarily because I put my I.AM.YOU. yoga to work.

    During the first parts of this challenging phase I tried to control the outcomes. When I realized that was impossible (thank you yoga for the reminder), I got more worried, panicked, and stressed. These reactions threw me into a mental vortex, one which clouded my perceptions of everything around me, and adversely affected my body, mind and life even further. It was as if my attitude had slipped into a total abyss, and I had forgotten that, in fact, I could do something about it.

    What I could do, and I did, was very simple:
    I decided to shift my attitude to a more positive place.

    How I did it was even more simple:
    I brought to mind something positive or exciting every time I felt myself slip into the abyss of hysterical negativity and worry, or got bad news.

    And what a difference it has made!! ☺

    You see, there are some things you can control in life, namely your mind, your perception, and your attitude. I fed my mind with positive thoughts to manually shift my perception, and thus created not only a new attitude to roll with, but a new world to roll in.

    That’s yoga.

    So next time you get overwhelmed by everything going on around you, very simply decide to change your attitude and feed yourself what you need to get the results you want. It’s possible, and oh so smiley and sunny on the other side.

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